viral videos

(skeesh) so we went to viral video's tonight at the Riv hosted by Tal Zimmerman and Jared Sales....

thinking... it would be fucking hilarious.... when really it was just a bunch of video's that we had already seen ( other then some reeeedicluously funny japanese game show vids/ wicked ass laugh a lot chick host) on youtube.
Human Tetris
They also played friggin' miss teen america's shitty answer...aka... everyone who reads celebrity blogs has seen....not so surprising...

(jogee) anybody who knows and reads celebrity blogs is a fucking loser. i should know cause my girlfriend spends countless hours on it, and it scares me sometimes. but hey she wears high waisted pants and her ass looks fantastic. i get to touch it.

(skeesh) i totally forgot the whole purpose of this post was to recognize that comedians hate fans and rockstars love them. maybe im wrong, but we were not feeling the love last night. bad buzz.