my blackberry was stolen today. i'm proud to say i only sweat and lost my mind and went through my bag over and over for about 20 minutes. (i also left jogee in the theatre by himself for 30 minutes to retrace my steps, make the guys at world of posters feel like thieves, go to future shop to get them to block incoming outgoing calls, and find out that i can get an iphone for free on an upgrade)

meh i only had like 300 phone numbers in there that have been transferred from the same sim card for the past 4 years. no biggie. i dont feel like i lost a portion of my life or anything.

so email me your phone numbers friends, cause i haven't memorized that shit since i was 14 yo!


holy smokes! boobs and skulls!

for you jogee. i don't know where i found it. but it was in the middle of laughing at that chick on hayley's fb and passing out on your chest at 9:30pm. do you love it?!

cheesey eggy breakfast sandwiches

I struggle with this temptation every morning. I have to walk by 2 McDonalds on my way to work and hot damn i want a bacon and egg mcmuffin pretty much 98% of the time. sometimes ham, sometimes even sausage. so delicious. and i would say 95% of the time i don't crack. so that means i eat one like once a month, maaaayyybe. i didn't have one this morning or anything. i made a smoothie with raspberries and bananas and yogurt and milk. meh.

i bet at least 2 people that read this blog are going to eat one of these in the next 24 hours. that doesn't include me.


magazine shmagazine

I kicked it at Chapters on my lunch today. grabbed about 12 magazines (sailing, skateboarding, fashion, jon & kate plus 8 bullshit garbage & music), copped a spot on the ledge and apparently this is what i should embrace:

Nite Jewel - at least 3 of these mags said this band is the shizzle. i don't know. this video is pretty shitty, and the songs on their myspace are meh. however listen to that 'what did he say' song and you might get a semi. i didn't, but you might.

This band too:

Chairlift, they have a like a billion hits on their myspace, and if you listen to this song in the OG version you'll recognize it from that commercial or whatever. but again this video does NOTHING for me. they are besties with yeasayer and mgmt though, so i guess that gives them some cred? i don't know i feel so old.

maybe its cause i generally don't dig female singers. thats probably it.

Then i found this awesome backless t shirt that i wanted bad by ksubi ,

but their website is crap. so dropped that idea.

meh, i decided this magazine post isn't even worth posting anymore so ill just end it at that.

this is nice, balloons are awesome


morning menswear boner

super pizza awesome fun time

Kris and Kev's birthday party was so greeazzzy. god i love that word. pizza party + 751 make for a pretty stellar jam.


rambling on

i feel like im on a bender but i didn't even drink last night. Thursday we hit up the national. I was relatively impressed. didn't fall over in love with them, but i can see how they have such a heavy duty following. Something about the kool haus though that throws me into a bummer buzz. I can never see the gad damn stage and its so friggin big in there you never bump into your friends. I also think i had one too many pulls off the old wacky tabacky and was feeling the effects halfway through the set. ie. needed food and a bed.
proof that i was feeling the effects. click to enlarge

i did however really enjoy the blue jumbo freeze i got and the music they played while we waited for the band - Ambrosia. check that shit out yo. so 80's gay you'll love it!

then went to the wooden sky last night as part of over the top fest. is anyone else going to any over the top fest stuff? that eric warner is a doll, you should support the hell out of anything he does. and then today i get to watch muggs - my papa's dog. she just showed up actually. kinda stinky, but still ridiculously cute. and she makes the best grunting noises. oh my pa also just pointed out that our a/c is broken. perfect. so now i have to track down our landlords who will likely not get back to us until next week. ugggghhhh

but tonight we're going to a very special jam for some very special guys which i am ridiculously excited for, so pretty much puts all my stinky dog,no a/c, starving i need to eat breakfast thoughts way back in my mind.

ps. thank you for those photos hayley!


god damn lebron

do you think it would be weird if i got lebron to give me some of his sperm so i can incorporate it in my offspring? imagine? maybe while im at it i should throw in some of dwight howards too? that would be a serious baby. serious about basketball.

i just did an intense 1 hour shopping spree for summer goods (i wanted to make sure i was home for this cavs/magic game) i scored some sweet deals and some electric finds. 4.50 tank tops and uber light skinny levi's. yum! did not find the navy pants that i am pining over. but they will be found my friends. they will be found.

here is my new hair. i think it looks better in person. i also think it looks better when im not wearing pajamas and have been sweating my balls off all day in this heat wave. tomorrow is going to be an intense day of deodorant re applying.

doesn't look that different right?

chips and salsa. always good.

jogee's tattoo is pretty off the hizzle these days non?