so this was last years nuit blanche post ....

I wonder what this Saturday will bring? Are you guys all going? i hope it doesn't rain! what are you wearing? qatalust, you better be missioning it out here or i am giving the couch away to someone else.

also i really really wanna go to the the wooden sky at the phoenix tomorrow but jogee has to work late and everyone else is broke. wintersleep is headlining! hey caitlin, are you guys going?

also, should we move into a bigger apartment thats fancier come january? or should we just stay in this one for another year? i can't decide. i do hate moving with a passion. and the location we have right now is ridiculously good...


congrats soph!

we're back from french canada! my cousins wedding was a gigantor success! hi sophie! loved that the rain let up for every moment outside, venue was all swank and right on the water, they had a gorgeous little cocktail hour before we went into the dinner room with the most fabulous vodka punch. speeches couldn't have been more fab. humour plus heartfelt in the most perfect mixture. laughingcryinglaughingcryinglaughingcrying. even all the dads were crying! and we cut a rug with my nanny and crap i just realized i never had any of the chocolate fountain and i never tested my alcohol level on the machine in the hallway. maaan. major bummer. i also came to the realization that i will definitely be a bridezilla. hands down. its a bummer montreal is such a trek for a weekend cause it would be rad to hang with those family peeps on more of a regular. jogee was a genius in buying me that DS. we had a serious mario party in the car ride up. i couldnt stop thinking about that cat game though. i need it badly. i hope its not entirely for 7 year olds. cause im thinking it may just replace my ridiculous obsessive need for a pet cat.

do you guys get your fancy shit drycleaned?


we're going to montreal for the weekend again, #6 of the 8 weddings we have. or is it 5 of 7? i cannot remember. im wearing something blue, and spent about 30 minutes in claires (for all you non canadian peeps, claires is the trashiest peice of shit garbage jewelry store ever) and held some earrings in my hand for about 29 minutes and then was like im too old to buy shitty jewelry, if i cant afford the real shit yet i will not let myself stoop to this level until i can. does that make sense? anyways ill probably just wear no jewelry cause im daring like that.

in other news.... JOGEE BOUGHT ME A NINTENDO DS FOR THE CAR RIDE!!!!!!! and my brother and his wife have one because thats what we gave them for their wedding gift and jogee has one, so guess who's going to be playing 4 some mariokart for 6 hours int he car???




and now time to walk down memory lane a bit before i have to get in the car and drive to oakville in rush hour traffic!

this was family dinner night. we even got little baggies of take home pizza to eat for lunch the next day. I LOVE YOU LENNON!


we are going to genghis tron is about 5 minutes. this is all the time i have to blog. :(

i know. i dont know why i agree to these things sometimes either. however i do like the people watching at metal shows. and the t shirts are always SICK.


It's gotta make you wonder

I would really like to know the events that led to this.


adventures in my fridge.

im playing house wife tonight while jogee is out with his baseball playoffs mistress. we were in the burbs on the weekend which pretty much always results in a serious $200 grocery shop, which also results in jogee and i losing our fucking minds over how much amazing food we have and also results in me ending up eating a little bit of everything when i get home. let's begin!

exibit A
- home made bocconcini, tomatoe, basil from our garden, cucumber salads for lunch tomorrow
- homemade mashed potatoes with green onions and garlic also for lunch tomorrow
- half of an onion bun, montreal smoked roast beef, jalapeno havarti, spicy beer mustard (that i bought in bloomsfield on our adventure) sandwich.
- fresh feta for family dinner salad with james and hayley if she ever gets back to me
- organic salsa that jogee is obsessed with and costs a lot of dollars
- that new vitamin water. i love that shit. it doesnt taste like aspartame and its refreshing and it's full of b vitamins which i am deficient in.

exibit B
- yogurt. i hate yogurt, jogee loves it, i have to force it down. my mom told me once that she loves it and when she eats it she thinks of ice cream, that usually works if im in a rush and need a portable snack. its also good with loads of berries and granola.
- cucumber, cherry tomatoes, leftover bocconcini from those salads i made...
- nestea green tea iced tea. it is fabulous.
- soy milk vanilla flavored.
- i think there's some ketchup back there and some old bread that i should probably feed the birds...
- OMG WATERMELON. absolutely positively my favorite food ever. ever.

exibit c
- molson canadian cold shots, 6% alcohol and half the liquid, great for pre drinking or just a nice cold one when you get back from the gym.. er i mean.. from a long hard day at work
- fancy olives, we LOVE olives. feel free to bring us some fancy olives if you come over
- a ton of green vegetables that i constantly battle to eat before they go bad. those vegetables keep winning. fuckers. however, i am learning to incorporate them in sandwiches and yeah that's about it.
- tofu, for when jogee can't handle looking at raw meat, which is pretty much anytime we ever have to prepare raw meat. those long white cartilage peices and shit completely throw us off.
- some fruit and lemons and rotting lettuce in those little drawers at the bottom.

exibit d - im only giving you 1 level on the door, i am already getting tired of this post.
- a shitload of garlic i bought in china town, they dig the mass amounts of garlic i guess. i have only used like 4 of those little cloves. this will likely go bad before i find a use for it.
- ketcap manis, that's the green bottle, it is one of those amazing sauces you can put on everything. it's a sweet soy sauce.
- a lot of mustard for jogee's mustard obsession
- and up there in the butter spot is emergency chocolates

exibit e
- a lot of pizza.
- burgers
- chicken fingers
- edamame which is about 2 years old, i use it for my costochondritis and for anything i need to ice...like sprained ankles and stuff. (i havent had a sprained ankle since like 1998)
- foccacia buns, oh yeah

exibit f
our pantry or cold room or whatever you call where you store your canned crap
- fresh peeled tomatoes, great for last minute topping on meat
- mushrooms in a can, we just found this gem of a veggie, they are all tasty cause their marinating in something salty, and they are great for pretty much any meal ever. i love mushrooms.
- lentils. a great meat substitute and perfect if you want to dutch oven someone all night.
- tuna. its good for you, it makes good sandwiches and salads and its cheap as shit.
- spray paint leftover from our WWF contumes.

wow how bored did that make you? i didnt even take photos of the cracker/cookie cupboard. omg i just realized we have nibs in there. give me the strength to not eat them.

i think i should tag all of you guys and you should do the same thing so i can discover new and exciting foods and things to cook. don't forget to include your staple items.

thank you for coming on this adventure with me!

im going to watch intervention now.


i wonder if tom and katie get as much "you guys look like brother and sister" as me and jogee get?

oh hello wedding in Picton! gorgeous gorgeous perfect spot. amazing weather. beautiful bride. lovely weekend. :)

and then we went back to our motel, which was right on the water and had a restaurant attached to it called the funky carp. haha! we were gonna try and hit it in the am, for some eggs but it was all overcast and freezing, so we went for a little car ride in the town and fell upon bloomfield... this incredibly hippy artsy magical place, where i bought some sick earrings and a fantastic ring that is made with a button, and where we met this quirky lady who told us all about the homes and who owns them and where the best glass shops were and where we can find homemade dragons and excavated gems from canada. she wouldn't shut up actually, she just kept talking, so we closed up the convo by saying we needed to find some lunch so she says oh go next door to the marshmellow cafe, they have all these fresh pastries and jams and blah blah and then she goes " oh you are going on an adventure this afternoon" haha can you believe it? i was in love with this lady.. anyways we go to the marshmellow and have the most succulent ham and cheese sandwiches and a pot of tea and there are these little girls sitting beside us with there parents drawing pictures of jazz bands. im serious. they were drawing jazz musicians and one of the girls kept saying to her dad "write bumpa bumpa bumpa doo da doo da JAZZ!" oh man it was classic. all i needed was a super friendly cat to jump up on my lap and let me pet it for a good hour. siiiiiiiiiiiiigh i love good sundays. the camera gave me enough power to take this of jogee. these stuffed things were just chillin as pillows on the bench seat we were at...