weird! one of my besties is preggers

Linds, I can't wait to tell him all our stories...but I'll probably forget them by the time he's allowed to hear about that kinda stuff. :) I miss you soooooo much. I will for sure make you something glassy for your new pad. YAY! baby! So how much do you weigh now? 120? 125?

see ya ma, im just gonna go hang out with Tommy and Nikki Sixx

groovin to the oldies

I would just like to point out that that's a Much music video awards wristband im wearing. oh yeah.
This is 1 pic of about 700 that I took of Our Lady Peace. I was OBSESSED WITH THIS BAND. and David Usher and The Tea Party. I'm in an OLP vid. ooo talk to my publicist. hahahaha! but for reals... one night I went to Metalworks in the Saug and the tea party were recording some shit with Todd Kerns..and they had a mound of cocaine in the waiting room. hi i was 18. and i hadn't even gotten drunk yet. I was wearing a Radiohead Kid A shirt that I made myself and that cockface jeff (lead singer) told me radiohead was a shitty band. I left shortly after that. It's true though the Tea Party are like HUGE now. way better then radiohead.

I realize i look like a fat hippie in this pic, but that skirt was from urban outfitters and it was prob 60 bucks. AND i was on my way to have dinner at the marche/movenpick/richtree whatever the fuck it's called now.

oh byron wong from the new music. we followed his band "my brilliant beast" after he left MM, and then he hooked me up with some dude from the Agency Group where I began my band booking co-op...I lasted a year in that biz, and then was "over it" when i went to college. hahahahahaah jeeeez i love how full of myself i was.

uh grade 7 and yes im wearing big thick socks with my teva's. check out that hair. and those bangs. my mom reminded me tonight that I used to blow dry those suckers into place with a round brush and a hairdryer. IN GRADE 7.


Vincent Gallo

Jogee's friend Dan gave us the signal at about 3pm that Vincent had arrived and that space was awaiting us at the Music Gallery, so we grabbed a bottle of wine, a micky of appleton and headed to Erin's for a little motley crue video pre show game before we trekked through the brand new wet snow to have a little quiet time with dan's main man mr. Vincent Gallo. What a lovely night! A couple wellington's from that cute 15 year old looking bartender and an hour of trying to take secret photog's so we could catch up and make our way to the friar and the firkin for those ever so perfect overly topped nachos. mmm yes. a thursday like no other. The rest of the weekend has become a little bit of competition for tonight. looooving christmas. i hope that drummer doesn't run straight to the sink to clean off our blog url that i so craftily penned on his fore arm. forgive me if it takes a couple days to remove. atleast we can give eachother a little bit of love by spreading the word....

more later my little babes