did you guys know this exists?

tooth tattoos!

I was talking to one of joe's cousins over the holidays. we started talking about teeth. She's going to school to become a dental hygienist so she gave me the low down on teeth whitening. I'm looking into it. have been for a little while. but because I've had extensive gum surgery I feel like it would be an incredibly bad move. from what i hear your teeth become super sensitive, your gums can be damaged and well im sure there is a load of weird ass chemicals involved that will likely increase your chances of something.

but after we talked about that we talked about tooth tattoos! did you know these exist? they do! im pretty sure i'll need to talk to my dentist about this. and line up a snoop dogg/skull tattoo. is it permanent? is that a dumb question?


i wish i could look like this everyday.


oh megatron

hot box cafe and squirly drinks

and some work too.

FINALLY met up with my buddy Tara at hot box cafe in kensington to catch up on our weddings. she looked damn gorgeous at hers. cute short dress action. i was all over it. don't google hot box cafe. the reviews are horrible. this was the first time going there for me and i loved it! nice staff, great cappuccino and the most delicious salmon, cream cheese dill bagel of all time. seriously probably the best smoked salmon bagel i've ever eaten. paired with some lovely pepper potato chips. it was a nice day to wind down from all the christmas shananigans and prep myself for a heavy duty day of work the next day.

missed Lauren C's bday though which kind of blew. i was majorly pumped to hang with those cuties but ya know how you just have to stay in one night and refuel? had to do it. had to. Lauren! i owe you a drink!

i'm trying to figure out how to load animated gifs on this damn blog but i think i drank too much banana rum cream this morning and i have no idea what im reading. can anyone give me a lesson?

so i went to work yesterday. banged out a report that has been on my mind for a good 6 weeks now. im making it way more complicated then it should be. but i think i got some headway yesterday and i might be able to put this thing to rest this week. FINALLY.

then i was off to dinner with my pa and bro at korean bbq. solid catch up, delicious bbq beef and an ice cold tsingtao.

followed by drinks with craig at squirly's. a couple white wine spritzers, some very long drawn out stories by moi and a long walk home with howard stern.

joe is losing his shit over louis ck right now. so many poo/dick/vagina/fat jokes. oh man.

ok time to go for a run!

peace ma brothas.


iron & wine

I forgot about this band until i overheard someone ask my dad over the holidays who he's been listening to lately and he said "Iron & Wine".

good band. glad they are back in my playlist.

urban family christmas

i thought i blogged about this already!
James, Hayley, Joe and I have been making a little tradition each year. Urban family christmas!
this year joe made the entire meal. turkey and all. it was so so so succulent.
and James threw together an apple crisp! delish! and hayley made cookies! and i ate it all!
husbands taking care of their wives. im into it.
im also into felicity season 2. felicity overload. ohhhh yeeeaaaaah. well done hayley. best christmas present ever. :) actually hold up. it's a close second to the SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO that jogee got me. storytime! so a couple years ago we went to yellowknife to visit my bestie Courtney. hi courtney i love you! and her and her husband had satellite radio hooked up in their kitchen. i was instantly addicted. no commercials, new bands i've never heard of, HOWARD STERN! so jogee put it in the vault and blam! bought it for me for xmas. i listened to howard stern all day yesterday. something about that guy. i can't get enough.

is it over yet?

so much food
so much booze
so much family
so many places to be
but we managed to squeeze in two nights of debauchery somewhere in there.

Night #1:
holiday comedy party at the comedy bar.
hosted by: Norm Sousa and Cole Osborne
There was a free buffet! i hadn't eaten dinner yet so you can imagine how stoked i was on this.
they had streetfighter II!
Glenn was there!

and Dan came!
and in some drunken flurry i admitted i wanted to do improv and try out for his sketch group. im 100% serious about this. but im not really that funny at all and i have a hard time remembering lines but im still up for the audition if they'll have me! stay tuned!

and i concur matt, i have been getting a lot of "that camera takes amazing pictures!" instead of "YOU take amazing pictures." siiiiigh.

Night #2:

cat party at Alison's friend's digs in the east end. the lovely erin winn was there. you should check out her band HERE!

actually i don't know if that link will work. and i cant find their myspace. but next time you see the strangers playing the t dot go.

after the cat party we went to sneaky dees! rob dyer was djing! essssss club, there aint no party like an s club party! ah memories. joe was in top form and danced to bombs over baghdad with me. oh how i wish we had a video of this.

and seeeeeeeen