reflection eternal

uh huh yuup i am in love with this camera.

the original

went for dins at the gooooolf cluuuuuuub yesterday. solid convo went down as well as some sim simmmaaa who got the keys to ma beeema? car jockeying.


thanks sarah!


do this survey for me!

hey buuuuuuddies. Cougar (the makers of those lovely boots that I just got) are wondering what you think of them. Can you click on this link and give them the lowdown?

For every survey you guys do, Matchstick will donate $2 to the Red Cross.

cool? COOL!



so thats how you do it


bad news is followed by good news right?

we got some really bad news today.

bad news always seems to happen at the worst possible time.

after a wedding - before a honeymoon. H (black dress) was right, it would have been worse if it happened before the wedding.

courtney (blue dress) blasted me with some very very solid texts and some unbelievably good old memories though.(that I had completely forgotten about. thanks marijuana!)

cut to.

i am on my way to being a somewhat educated photographer. Matt gave me a fantastic lesson. i think i learned more in the 2 hours we hung out on saturday then i have in any classroom i have ever been in. what a difference it makes when you're actually interested (in love) with the topic.

i personally think all the pics i've taken so far are pure garbage. I NEED MORE HELP MATT! why is everything so yellow? what did you do to my settings?

except for this one. this one is great. but i didnt take this one.

i need to cut all my hair off. this shit is out of control. LOOK HOW LONG IT IS.



here are all the places we ruled out and why:

choice #1: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland - too cold.
choice #2: Japan and Thailand - too far, too expensive, not enough time to get over the jetlag.
choice #3: Bora Bora, Fiji, Maldives, Mauritius, Tahiti - too expensive.
choice #4: Europe - too cold
choice #5: Brazil - need visa's
choice #6: costa rica - sand and water were a turn off.

soooooo we decided to spend a week in NYC and a week in Jamaica.

affordable and we get the city vibe and the beach vibe. perfect. everybody wins!

fuck i wish we were leaving tomorrow.


im madly in love with this band

specifically this song.

hang in there to 3 mins. epic.


going to meet up with Matt today and have a little lesson on my new camera. I got the canon rebel! so stoked. i played around with it a bit last night. but i obviously have no idea what im doing.

so happy basketball is back. which means james and gavin and noah are back every week for some prime time pure bball chillin. top 10 things to do. bball chillin. and nina and colleen and lisa were here too! solid chicks. the laughing never stops with this crew. im pretty sure i dont have to do sit ups for a good week now. cause i do situps all day everyday. noooooot reeeeaaaaaallly.

and a big YES to the bassist in this vid. and by yes i mean yes to his hair his hat his stache his beater and his tambourine shaking.

the invitations.

click to view in gigantor mode. i dont know why some of these flipped the other way. sorry cant fix it.

thank you casemodern!


spaghetti and megatron help me welcome my new winter boots to the family

that could be the longest title i've given to a post ever.

yes friends the winter has arrived. or atleast gave a 'what's up'. it is, dare i say it, quite nippy out there. especially tonight. which is weird cause the night before i walked home from aj's in a sweater and thats it!

no pants or shoes or anything! LOL obviously totally not kidding, but actually kidding.

my cougar boots arrived in the after wedding haze so it's taken me a little nudge (thank you matchstick for emailing me twice to remind me to write a post about these fabulous (im being serious) boots!).

not only did i get 1 but 2 pairs of boots. a winter version and a pre winter/post winter version (perfect for when its all rainy and slushy and shitey out). they arrived at my orifice about 2 weeks ago. i was off that day buying flowers for my wedding so i received an email from my boss saying 'woo you got a huge box from matchstick! must be a wedding present!' LOL!! (i knew it was the boots) thanks for the wedding present matchstick! hahaha

anyways i am taking far too long to write this. i don't know what the name of these suckers are but just visit the site and you'll see em. I actually saw the rain boots in an aldo i think last week, or maybe it was little burgundy or something. anyways they are totes around so you can fo sheezy pick them up around town.

they look pretty doooope.
and they make sense.

since 1948 yo!

hahahahahaah look at megatron


alright lets get into this.

I've been avoiding this since i offered it out in that poll but im gonna give it to you nice and easy. maybe with a little bit of shock and awe thrown in the mix. let me forewarn you though. i am NOT taking the time to place pictures after or before each caption/blurb/mind blip. cool? cool. that shit takes forever.


I was never really into a long engagement. im way too impatient for that. and i LOVE LOVE LOVE Fall and couldn't imagine waiting a year and half to get down with this crazy party so i threw it out there and said November 6th. my mom is pretty much the greatest person that ever lived and she made that date happen.


Joe and I were always supes in love with the U of T campus, specifically the hart house. it's got this radical old medieval vibe and a beautiful outside garden thang going on. I went to a crystal castles concert there one night. i got picked up by a lesbian. i was wearing sperry's, a baseball T and some khaki's, and my hair was majorly short so im not gonna bag her on her move. it was flattering. i digress...

so when we started looking for venues that place was off the charts the most expensive ever. plus you had to buy some $800 thing to let you take photos on the grounds. ah yeah pass thanks anyways. so then my mom (again, greatest person that ever lived) suggested the king eddie. i was immediately smitten. we went on a walking tour a couple summers ago and i have to admit when the historian gave us the lowdown on that hotel i was into it. never forgot about it. its old, its beautiful, its a hotel. i love hotels.

wow this is far too in depth, im not even close to the wedding part. let's get this into fast forward yeah?


this is a tough one, everyone who's ever been married knows its a tough one and you can be sure that it is impossible not to offend anyone. our list was 300. our venue held 180. long story short people were offended they weren't invited.


joe found an idea online. my brother and sis in law made it happen. we LOVED them. i'll try and post a pics of these below. i dont know if i have one on this computer.


by far the best pre wedding thing for me. trying on a wedding dress is life altering. its magical, its beautiful, its emotional, its more then you ever imagined. the dress is it. i've honestly never felt more gorgeous then when i put 'the' wedding dress on. my mom knew. i knew. it was a moment.

sidenote: my mom is the visionary for alterations. i think after about 10 minutes in 'the dress' she said... hmm wouldnt it be awesome if you added a zipper in and zipped it off for the dancing part? UM YES THAT IS THE GREATEST IDEA EVER.


i honestly didnt have a preference for this one. i had some flowers i definitely wasnt into so those were openly ixnayed. i didnt really care if we had them or not. but i guess you have to have them, so i found some i liked on style me pretty, looked for anything that came in black or spiky and then Hayley took the reigns and went looking for them on her lunch hour. my sis in law reco'd a place that we ended up going to the day before the wedding. bought a boatload of them and threw them together. my mom (again, this woman never stops) bought the vases, and threw out some ideas and BLAM there you have the arrangements and bouquets and boutiniers. the funny thing was my bouquet was sittin pretty all on its lonesome and hayley spotted it immediately. love at first sight. i was tres tres contente with them.


Joe and I have been super into live comedy since we started dating. it's way better then a movie, then standing in a small tight club watching live music (ok i may have to argue a bit on this one. live music small venue omg orgasmic), dinner out, whatever other typical date shit there is out there. you're laughing. for 2 hours. do you know how good that feels? anywayss... joe has been good friends with Dan Galea since he was a little dude. Dan is amazing on a mic, always makes us laugh, is witty, smart, and knows a crowd. we didnt have to think long and hard about this one at all. he was perfect, we knew it and we couldnt be more honored that he said yes when we asked him to MC.


you already know this one. it got its own post. photography is my secret love.


this is an easy one. Joe's sister and I share the same love for the same kind of music so BLAM! she reco'd her friend whos a DJ who had a playlist of everything i love and made it happen. one meeting, one itinerary sent and he killed it.


this is a funny one. i always wanted live music, but hiring a band costs about 10 grand. that is ridiculous. so i politely asked around and my dad was all "what about my 2 besties and my brother" um yes all over that and then i said can we add James and Bryan to that? and voila a band comprised of my uncle, my dad's besties and my besties and there you have TOXIC DREAM. i think that's what they were called. im sorry but how amazing is it when the old guys jam with the young guys? no offense older guys. but that is pretty epic. perfect. hilarious. awesome.

we had the live band play immediately after the ceremony. we wanted a party. what starts a party better then live music, free booze and a sick venue? done. and done.


my mom (see what i mean, she is amazing) took it upon herself to: make my veil (her design), make the table name cards, handle all the booking, planning, organizing with the venue, im pretty sure im missing 500 other things here, etc etc.


we already talked about the dress. let's talk about the other stuff. i found my jewelry on queen. it's by alexis bittar. i wanted snake skin but in a metal glass kinda way. shockingly i found that. i also found the earrings i seriously envisioned. it was weird.

i searched for the shoes forever. i eventually found them the same day i found the dress. i bought them at balisi on yonge. they were jean paul gaultier's. they tore my feet up within the first 2 hours. they were bleeding. they got blood on my dress. but they were worth it. i fucking love those shoes. and im not even a shoe person.

the head pieces. i found some hats by dior about 2 years ago. i saved them. i searched around toronto looking for a hat designer. lilliput can suck it. i've never experienced worse customer service then i did there. queen west art crawl rolled around and i bumped into lori-anne. i'll link her later. she was divine. the moment i talked to her i felt a great vibe. i knew she would put the time and effort into what i was looking for. sent her some pics of hats i loved, inspiration for things i was into at the time, had a couple meetings chatting about art and style and she created within 2 weeks 2 of the most fabulous pieces i have ever seen. having things personalized for you is fantastic. FANTASTIC.


my very very good friend erin winn did my make up. she also did my wedding parties make up. we looked beautiful. i wish i had her every morning to do that for me. love you lady. looooooove you.


Steve Kwok - Vidal Sassoon. need i say more? sleek straight touchable. my favorite.

holy shit i havent even talked about the actual day yet. ill save that for tomorrow. this is ENOUGH! LOL

this is the most I've written in a very very very long time. did i include a thesis? 3 proof points and back up? LOLOLOLOL. oh highschool i miss you.

all photos by jon loek.


this is pretty amaze

its even more amaze if you roll a little doobie and smoke it 10 mins before.

mr & mrs part 2

so how did you guys want me to sum everything up? do you want a full blown detailed personal take on the days events? do you want a stylemepretty kinda blurb or just a wackload of pictures?

im gonna go with a wackload of pictures this time around but fill out the survey on the left and i'll do the next post as you see fit. blam!