homie love friend

this is wisdom.


i am officially unproductive for the day.


I was lurking this guy's blog, and then linked to this guy and then saw that he did a video for head automatica. REMEMBER HEAD AUTOMATICA?

meh, they sound pretty brutes here.


i think i saw them at the rockit club in toronto. sigh that place doesn't exist anymore. sigh i miss that scene.


let's do this.

totally down with this.

LOOK AT THE TIGHTS. i thought i was over tights until i saw these ones.

at first i was like what is this? a necklace?

and then i was all ITS A CLUTCH! off the chain. off. the. chain.

vest corset. i like.

not necessarily with this seinfeld puffy shirt but i like it.

i've got a pretty epic wedding coming up. i have the dress. still need the shoes, panty hose, hair idea (omg i might wear it up!) and jewelry. i can see it (my outfit creation) perfectly in my mind but it might require several shopping excursions. good thing i have thursday and friday off this week. daaaaaamn what's up 4 day weekend. let's do this!

i know

it's perfect.

90's oh yeah

I was talking with some chicks yesterday about 90's fashion making a come back
(or has already come back). im majorly into this. I know my friend Shannon would disapprove as she always says never rock a trend that you've already rocked a generation or 2 prior, but the idea of starter hats/jackets, baggy jeans, crop tops, blouses, baby doll dresses, one strap overalls, anything neon, and chokers just gets me STOKED.

my brother had this jacket. not this exact jacket but something totally similar and the day that it was handed down to me was a good one. the fact that it was 4 sizes too big for me added to the coolness factor. damn i wish my mom made us keep it.

what was your favorite 90's fashion trend?



so much for trying to incorporate that word into my regular vocabulary. I always forget about it. (thanks for the reminder adam!)

this is sooo ggrreeeaaaazzzzzzzzy.

i love baked goods. i especially love anything from FURAMA on spadina. I picked up a cinnamon raisin bun, sugar donut and a pineapple coconut bun when we walked all over the city to find an open LCBO on Friday. don't judge me, i only took one bite out of each of them. the pineapple coconut bun was a first for me. IT WAS SO GOOD. you should get down with one of those as soon as possible. and then tell me about your experience. I'm pretty sure it will be a great day for you when it happens.

late night buffalo chicken

Hit up the Central to have a few brews with KZ and Fiona the other day. Then saw an old friend stroll by and as I got up to say hey i knocked Hayley's beer into her lap which happened to be a grey skirt. wooooooops! sor-ry bud-dy! luckily there was still an hour or two of sun left so we hung out till it dried and then went on our way. Bumped into Raym's as we were payin our bill though and noticed our hairs are complete opposites. sexy time. We ended up there again later in the night so we could get some solid hangtime in. Having friends that work in bars sucks balls cause you're never on the same schedule. but on the flipside you get treated like jay z the whole time you're there. You even get to shoot some hoops in the back arear! Their new menus look siiiiiick and the buffalo chicken wrap thing with dill sauce was insanely good. Thanks girl!



look at all the old gum on the ground. when i lived in BC, i remember noticing this EVERYWHERE. does anyone know the statistics on this?

also, jogee totally won my heart with this outfit last night. jersey, those shorts, fresh kicks, a sleeve. siiiiiigh. <3

i heart G20

been working from home since wednesday. I think i overestimated that extra 2 hours of sleep i was going to get in the mornings. definitely feels like summer round these parts though. d.e.f.i.n.i.t.e.l.y.

lol that is a vajayjay that hayley drew on my leg. i drew a bunnie cat on hers.

oh hello rooftop of my summer

watch out for break dancers!

sangria time! with starfruit!

bbq time!

prosciutto wrapped juicy jumbos, pork loin, salmon, daaaaaaaaamn.

the mad mexican. this shit is $8 but fully worth it.



im going to make these tights/leggings happen.

these are over the top gorgeous.

and im pretty into tights and shoes flowing right into eachother. perfectly done here. perfect.