brace yourself ladies

i can't breathe. omg. so. hot.

filippa k

i think im in love with mario sorrenti

have you seen the new W? with jennifer anniston on the cover? wait till you see the mario sorrenti spread inside of it.

i need this bathing suit.

LOL star wars new yooooork

my cousin Sophie hooked me up with this one!

the extra funny thing about this is Jogee sang this on our walk to work for a solid month when it first came out. ohh jogee

here's the lyrics so you can sing along:

No longer Anakin
Formerly a Skywalker
Son's next rebel hero
But I'll be Sith forever
I'm the newest Dark lord And since my training years
I can choke from anywhere
Yeah my force is everywhere Used to run with Obi Wan We were both best buds foreva
But after three movies Now I've got a blood vendetta Grew up on Tatooine
No vegetation Catch me rolling through the cosmos in a moon-like station to Leia's home nation Death Star wrecks it Now princess knows, Vader ain't one to mess with
Flying through the trenches
Blasting rebel noobies
What happened to the fat one
Think he died of heart disease All that's left is this guy
Chasing him in my TIE I won't deny That his force is pretty damn high
Damn i just got wiped out
Falcon shot the back of me
Spinning into outerspace
But I'll be back definitely

In Star Wars Empire is out to find Leia Death star plans in R2 Shoot the exhaust port Kenobi may now be see-through But the force is within Luke
Let's hear it for new hope, new hope, new hope
[Vader: You're welcome Obi Wan... I made you a ghost!]

Catch me rockin boots and a cape like superman
Hell, I made wearing black more famous than that Jay-Z can
You should know I'd find you, hiding out at Echo
Now I got a Blizzard Force eliminate you quick yo
Welcome to the planet Hoth AT-ATs hit the spot Walking tanks are too legit
But they fall down a lot Check the front, check the back, cant find the Falcon yet
We need them all alive, so no disintegrations Boba Fett 8 million asteroids, where'd your little ship go?
Get me to Cloud City, I got Lando on my payroll
Me I gotta double check if carbonite's ok If freezin's safe for Han
Doing Luke the same way
New deal Lando
Ain't no pardon
Kid blew up my boys
Rest in peace Moff Tarkin
Turns out we are family
Embrace your dark fate
Dad and son together, yo No way the emperor's safe, cause...

Now Han Solo's a coffee table
There's nothing Luke can do [Vader: Should've joined me, bro!]
He's on Dagobah
With some dyslexic Jedi dude
Right hand still got sliced through Looks like they struck back, struck back, struck back

Lightsabers grinding
Palpatine's smiling
Cause he knew it would come to this The light side is blind with casualties
Who do evil casually, then gradually become worse
Don't fight your destiny
Wasn't a great dad, true
Absent all the while
No happy times behind us, and plus, now I'm killin' you
Keep fencing mister, 'cause now I sense a sister
You don't go bad, maybe I'll enlist her
Now Emperor wants you, only wants me rubbed out You controlled your anger, stayed light side devout Watch out kid, he's got lightning bolts to immolate Uh-uh, hell no, daddy powers activate
End this prune with a badass murder suicide
Bald headed, mask off, heart melted kid you were right Burn all my gear so those Ewoks can't wear it again
Do it, I'll be watching you, a ghost, name of Anakin

Destroy new Death Star's generator
Ewoks to the rescue
Blast through to the core
This Regime's gonna be brand new
Galactic Empire's through
The Jedi have returned, returned, returned


bike. check. backpack. check.

My papa handed down his bicyclette to me the other day. Despite my immense fear to bike in the city I'm going to wrap myself in padding and git'r done. I gotta get'r a tune up. how do i do this? where do i do this? how much is it? I went to Duke's Cycle and chatted with the owner there and he was ridiculously helpful so i might just have to bring it there. he said it's $69 for the tune up though. that seems majorly expensive to me. like that's more than a friggin oil change! but he also said he'll hang out with me and talk to me about "toronto bike riding tips" which no one else has offered to me yet, so i figure I should take it.

This new adventure of riding a bike also meant i needed to get a backpack. I decided on 2 options:

1. All black Jansport "slacker" backpack that all the ghatto kids are wearing these days.


2. All black MEC backpack that is most likely more durable and less grade 9.

I went with the MEC backpack. primarily because i dont want to bother searching for the all black jansport version. i bet it's sold out everywhere.

not gonna lie i thought about how much this thing is going to attract the sun to my back while riding but meh, black always looks better. and they didnt have a white one. and the grey one had this weird kinda green tinge to it.

the end. :)

rando ponderisms

one of the kitties had an accident yesterday - pissed on the couch. the white couch. my mom says they're probably pissed at us for something. we changed their litter which i think might be the culprit. im worried about them right now. i think we need to let them have the run of the house now. our room is getting too small and suffocating for them. im even tempted to mission home on my lunch to visit them. am i crazy cat lady?

we need a sandwich press. im eating a ham, lettuce, tomatoe, cheese sandwich on a ciabatta right now. it's pretty delicious. jogee knows my sandwich preferences almost perfectly now (he makes our lunches 90% of the time). but damn if this baby was put in the press for a coupla mins shit would be unreal!

it's insane and frustrating and amazing to know that there's woman (one in specific) in other cities that i could conquer the world with but alas the thousands of miles between us screw that all up. ah blogging - bringing fly bitches together one url at a time.

the realization that my body needs to be in prime condish before i even think of having a babe has officially set in. not that im planning for it ANYTIME soon, sorry ma, but damn i am not looking forward to the 5 kajillion situps that are in my future.

my friend Courtney - remember her? she lives in the north and she flew us out there to hang last summer? well she's probably 6 or so months preggers now and im majorly bummed im missing it all. i worked alongside my boss while she was pregnant and it was so totally awesome to see her belly grow and hear about all the crazy feelings and emotions she was going through. I MISS YOU COURTNEY!! MOVE BACK HOME!!!

ugh this post is getting all baby related. you can all thank jogee for that and the conversation he started on the way to work this morning. I'll leave that up to your imagination. HOW FUN!

Hayley and I are planning on hitting up the community centre gym tonight. im pretty sure i'm going to try and convince her to take over the "dance room" with me and choreograph a sick number that we can show all the girls on girls night next week. wooo!


sangriiiiiaaaa HOP!

saturday night was slightly off the friggin charts.

first - dinner at H.O.P. with Kris and Sarah.


If i went through my archives there is probably at least 5 visits of us at HOP. which means we probably have at least 10 photos of our dinners. i need to go back and find those.

after dinner we headed back to the mansion to catch the tail end of some jamming and for sarah to get down and dirty with some sangria.

thank god for the photos after this cause it hink that sangria erased my memory for the latter half of the evening...

im emailing photos of hayley to hayley right now so she can post them if she sees fit. BAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAAH hayley, wait till you see them!!!

this is how weeee dooo it.

shanananananana naaaa naaaa

im not gonna lie, im not a huge fan of the whole jack and jill idea pre wedding. Not trying to rain on anyone's parade but when you already have to attend an engagement party and then a jack and jill and a wedding shower and then the wedding, it's fairly ridiculous. who has that kind of money? I get that there's dinner and an open bar and you're basically partying with your peeps but is that really alllllll necessary? I can assure you friends, if and when I get married i will only invite you to tops 2 things - a pre party and the wedding. oh and a stagette. crap. that's already 3 things. but not all of you have to go to the stagette. TANGENT!

anyways what a totally mental weekend. how is it April already?


more blog!

spaghetti and megatron have a blog now. I'm going to try and update as they develop and change and become adults. BAHAHAHAHAAHA. seriously though that's my plan. don't you want to read about my kittens lives?

if you saw spaghetti last night passing out on the couch hanging off the side of the cushion and then sitting on jimmy's knee and then falling off the counter this morning in the bathroom you would understand why it's necessary to document their lives as much as possible.

survivor talk

Alicia: dude!

last night was intense!

Glenn: yoyoyoyoy

Alicia: did you watch?

Glenn: holy shit

what a ride

russell is crazy smart


russell is a genuius!



Glenn: I don't know how he's going to survive after this

Alicia: i know!

boston rob is such a dick

i hate him

Glenn: me too

he's a moron

Alicia: i hope he gets bitten by a giant snake or something

Glenn: Russell was literally one step ahead of him the whole time

Alicia: im pretty sure Russell will figure something out

imagine they fought?!

Glenn: hahahahahah

Alicia: and Russell punched him out or something

that would be high class television

i also hope that supremely skinny blond gets kicked off

i cant even look at her

Glenn: hahaha she sucks. There are so many anonymous babes this season


who the hell is she?

Alicia: hahaha

i dont even know

i have to google her

hold on

oooohhh her

yeah who the hell is she?

Glenn: she's garbage

she won't win

That scene at the beginning when Russell confronted Rob was like a scene from a movie

Alicia: woah have you ever wiki'd survivor seasons? they have charts and everything!

i love russell

Glenn: oh yah dude, gotta use that resource

Alicia: alright gotta shut the ol fb chat window down

Glenn: understandable

Alicia: talk soon!

Glenn: bye bye bye