photos and video of steel rail sessions up!

GO HERE TO CHECK OUT THE VIDEO. YOU CAN SPOT ME AT LEAST 3 TIMES. EXCITING! i'll probably update with the exact time stamps. LOL

and here are some of my favorite photos FROM HERE. You can purchase a print or high res digital file of any of the photographs, feel free to contact Ramy: ramy@brightlightsphotography.ca. (Prices range from a suggested donation of $5-$25 depending on the size.)


thanks hernia hayley!

just got back from the clinic

my neck started hurting really really bad yesterday. and then this morning i couldn't move it and the pain was unbearable just sitting at my desk. so i went to the clinic and they diagnosed that i have whiplash. FROM HEAD BANGING AT THE VALIENT THORR SHOW. jeeez yet another thing to tell your kids not to do.

anyways they offered me some painkillers but i opted for the chiropractor appointments instead. my first one is tonight! how exciting!


valient thorr 2010



wow. i have never head banged that much in my life. got right up close, leaning on the stage, guitarist and lead singer sweat hitting me from every angle. beer in hand and covered in leather and lace. damn that was a good night. totally worth the hanger im just ripping through right now.


time to make up some dances ladies

i may or may not get my wedding party to recreate this.

1:24 - 1:47 pretty much the greatest choreography of all time.


ah sheeeeeeeit

we're going to this tomorrow night!


im pretty sure it's gonna be as epic as last time. holy shit last time was in august 2007!

why did i ever dye my hair blond? why?

it happened again!

im not gonna lie, i was dead set against NOT having a shower, let alone two but it was so surreal and magical that im incredibly happy the mom's made them happen. it's pretty rad to hang with the ladies that are top notch in their lives and it's also a nice little test drive of what's in store for the night of the wedding. I managed to talk to everyone for at least 5 or so minutes each. i figure if we have 200 guests and i make a solid effort to say hi to each and everyone of them it will take me... well the whole night i guess. i will have to walk around with my dinner plate. eeeee so soon!


KW just killin it

Steel Rail Sessions couldn't have been more of a success.
amazing turn out
amazing people
amazing food
amazing art
amazing music
amazing everything.

yes friends I left my toronto bubble and headed to KW on Friday to attend 'Steel Rail Sessions' - best idea ever.

After an incredibly stressful 3 hours in traffic (i had to make the train by 7:45!) I made it with about 3 minutes to spare. Paul was a good sport and bbm'ed me through the directions. for some reason EVERY TIME i go to KW i get lost. EVERY TIME. I'm embarrassed to admit i've been going there for 10 years and I still can't navigate that city. ZERO SENSE OF DIRECTION. ZERO.

rolled up, parked. hopped on the first car to get my little package - a program printed by casemodern, some drink tickets, and my train tickets. then waited in line to board the train.

ooo arty

these won't be in order but here's a taste of some of the art cars that you could maintain in throughout the first hour trip to St. Jacobs.

there was a jazz band, a post it note wall (which i didn't know the rules for, so i used it to promote myself, LOL), 7 minutes in heaven room (i didnt go in there but i heard some dirty stories, a tarot card reader, life drawing, a horror movie screening, 3 bars, a 'rave' car, and 2 cars that could just chill in with your buddies.

then we stopped in st. jacobs, got off the train where there was a whole bunch of art displayed, some live graffiti going down and a live performance by vacuity

then it was back on the train to head back to KW. so perfectly organized. more drinks, more food, more music, more art, and then a scary surprise when we rolled back into town!

ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE!!! banging on the train, trying to get in the windows, it was so classic! i think this was my favorite part (that and the horror movie) - i know hil i said the glass gallery but now that i recap this part was off the chain. :)

helped with the clean up and load out of all the empties and art and then headed over to the clay and glass gallery for the after party. I KNOW! THIS NIGHT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER!

there was also some tail gating in there, some very interesting conversations with strangers and some solid bonding. CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE!!

I'll post the link to better pics once it's up. Hilary! pics! post them!