jay spectre is the future

Jimmy has left us. the house vibe just won't be the same for the next couple months. i have no one to speak gangster to and no one to make fun of and no one to teach me how to play the congas when im very very drunk. multiple heavy sighs. I love those congas.

wow i just took this quiz and apparently i am straight up gangsta
Can you speak gangsta?
Your Result: You are a straight up GANGSTER

you should move to Compton if you don't live there already. from the start you knew you where going to pass this test without any problems, this is probably the first test in your whole life that you have gotten a 100% on. good job, now go brag to your baby's mama.

Well at least your not completely incompetent.
You know a thing or two..
Welcome to suburbia!
Gee wilikers! you are white!
You are retarded.
Can you speak gangsta?
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the perfect gift

because i have done extensive research on the reader demographics of this site, im pretty sure I'll only disgust 14 guys with this post, maybe 3 girls...

who wants to play some go fish or crazy 8's?

(you're welcome for the best stocking stuffer ever hayley)



new digs!

i wish i was tiny enough to live in this joint.

BO knows.


shrimp burritos, avatar and the arkells

i am leaving work. picking up a shrimp burrito, going to see avatar and then capping the night off with the arkells at the horseshoe.

last day of the antibiotics. it's time to celebrate.


break out the doggfather

it's time for our roomie christmas!


git all up in this rocky road

I think the dark cloud may be lifting...

the shopping is complete. ahhhh heeeelll yeeaaah, so now it's just straight loungin. I felt like the holidays would be a huge buzz kill if i didn't attempt to bake something so i got down with some rocky road and peanut butter cookies this morning. Personally I think they both taste like shit. too much flour, not enough butter, couldn't find measuring spoons.. whatevs, I'll just bring them to your parties (whoever you are) and the stoners will be all over that scene.

last night i ignored the whole don't drink while you're on antibiotics thing and downed a pint and a glass of sweet heavenly red wine with Cait and Mike. ate 'sauced up' chicken fingers at jack astors - don't ever order those they taste like crap and the farts that are accumulated from those things are just unacceptable. swung by my work, talked advertising, picked up a christmaspresentbottleofwine and dropped in at this guys joint. Totally dope house party complete with hip hop, wayne gretzky, star wars, comedians, and crackers! Caitlin and Mike kept the laughs at an all time high, we met some new peeps, probably offended a few peeps, touched each others boobs and then called it a night.

I'm still coughing, but the phlegm isn't yellow anymore so i think i'll be in prime condish for new years.


so many good ones coming out in the next year or so. check this shit out. looks soooo siiiick!

Look how busy Johnny Depp has been!
In Development:

1. Caliber
2. Affected Provincial's Companion
3. Inamorata
4. Rex Mundi
5. The People's Act of Love
6. The Lone Ranger
7. In the Hand of Dante
8. Seven Friends of Pancho Villa and the Woman with Six Fingers
9. The Incredible Mr. Limpet
10. Happy Days
11. Shantaram
12. Untitled Johnny Depp/Alexander Litvinenko Project
13. A Long Way Down
14. Dark Shadows
15. Dali

Coming out kind of soon!
1. Sin City 3 (2012) (in production) (rumored) .... Wallace
2. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)
3. The Tourist (2011) (pre-production) (rumored)
4. Rango (2011) (post-production) (voice) .... Rango
5. The Rum Diary (2010) (post-production) .... Paul Kemp
6. Alice in Wonderland (2010) (post-production) .... The Mad Hatter


im considering

going Balmain for our New Year's Eve party. this shit it hot as hell.

dust off the sewing machine. it's happening.