new banners

i need them. email them to me. highwaisted@gmail.com

here is the criteria this round:

high fashion
fall (the season)
czech beer
sick kicks
comic books
horror films


Joe , Casey , Nicole , kris , Eflo , Raym's , Hayley and Jimmer , mom and kever, kz (i know you know cut and paste pics). i expect you all to weigh in.

last time was so epic i can't imagine you guys not doing this round.

new comers very very welcome!

i can't stop thinking

so i have this little nugget of an idea in my mind that's been kind of looming over my head for the past few months. im not gonna lie facebook plays a little part in it. you might have heard about it, but probably not. I only talk about it when im a little bit drunk, a little bit high, totally in love with you, totally respect your opinion and think you're a genius and want to steal your ideas from you, or i just havent found the perfect opportunity to sit with you and pick your brain and be all walls down vulnerable about it with you. its one of those things that i get so pumped about for like 3 days and spend most of my awake time piecing it together in my mind but man i feel like i've hit a pretty solid wall of multiple hurdles lately. does that even make sense? a wall of hurdles? im thinking its probably due to my 1/4 life crisis that im about to have or the summer's starting to shut down and i'm getting hella antsy or maybe the adult in me is finally starting to peep out.

woah deep thoughts with highwaisted.

anyways i wanted to share it with you guys cause i think your awesome even though 90% of you never comment. what do you do when you hit a wall? go to the gym? eat vegetables? meditate? have a chicken wing party? play balderdash? i love balderdash. that game is so funny. tellll meeeeeeeee.

ok my bf is gonna be home soon and he said he is chilling some wine in the fridge so i need to like make something for dinner to go with it.

high fashion photography shoots

i think i have an eye for them. obviously.


embracing my inner dork

soon i'll be throwing imaginary fireballs in the forest on the weekends.



what have i gotten myself into?

we're going to this on Saturday. I really really wanted to go in costumes, but jogee said that our costumes will be so shit in comparison to some of the stuff we'd see there that even the dorks would make fun of us. so we're just gonna go dressed up as ourselves. I'm actually hella stoked for this event! as geeky as it will be, do you know how many photo ops there will be?? and im actually going to know some artists there which will make it extra radical. Hey Glenn! are you going? let's meet up and talk about really cool stuff like how bruce campbell is a legend!

i wonder if they'll have themed food there? that would be the siiiiickest!


blowing my mind gorgeous

nice window

adorable outfit.

stolen from Kesh

mouth watering

why is it that every time I search for things for me I just find things for jogee?

from here . but apparently you can get them here:


building the hype.

oh hello Maxwell. I'm still here, feelin the vibe. love love loving these little previews.

im thinking new lullabies for the next week or so. until i break down and buy the album and start lighting candles in our bedroom and making chocolate strawberries every night. holy romanticism!


i was right. it was epic.

I would say a pretty big dream of mine was to follow a band on tour. i did it a little bit back in the day, but nothing compares to the 12 hour drive to riviere du loup (look hayley i remembered the name of it!) that we did on friday night. not only was it the longest drive I've done in my history of driving but it was also the most worth it longest drive I've done for a band ever. this could become a new hobby/obsession/quarter life crisis/high. i get it now. i get why its so worth the ridiculous cross country trek to land in this perfect magical place where people are new and different and houses look strange and food tastes like something you've never tasted before and and and... well... check it.