i like.

This is a neat band I saw them on Sunday night all on my lonesome... this guy is the bassist and also my soontobesisterinlawsbrother. There myspace doesnt do them any justice. they are much more fun live and tight, very tight. They are playing a show on Dec 6 at the Silver Dollar. I'm planning on being there, so you should probably too. cool!


i don't think i can do this stuff anymore. i think my pancreas has had enough. my puking hangover saturday was at an all time high this weekend, and crawling to and from the bathroom is not my idea of a good time. ANYWAYS.... we saw enchanted on saturday night. it was cheese... blue cheese.... or whatever you think the grossest cheese is. here's some pics from friday...we went to Betty's on King. that place is rad. i had never been there before. The bar manager was some aussie dude and he was more then hospitable. i would def go back. then we went to Kris King's. pre drinking dance party... or the part of the night that ruined the rest of my night, thanks a lot vodka. you are forever out of my friday and saturday nights. oh and then we all went to Circa. First time there....we landed in VIP with about 700 other 12 year olds. It was an Ill scarlett thing so the tweens were flooding the place. not gonna lie, that place makes you feel like Paris Hilton. Shmancy pantsy. but for someone thats not really into clubs, you get over it in about 20 mins and then you realize your dancing to the exact same shitty techno beat since you got there. meh....


Mix as much booze as you can Party/Kris King Debut

wine show was stellar. a little packed for my liking but hell when you had as many free media drinking tickets that we had who the hell cares?!

I was all into partying "backstage" apparently.

this testosterone gino party was in the other room beside the wino show. LAME.

awww labella bangin on the drum. the camera ran out of batts by the time we got to the elmo so I didn't even get one pic of KrisKing doing his thang. But as soon as i find some sick link of someone videotaping him i will post it. oh and he played technotronic for jogee because jogee is sercretly a techno dancing fun boy. hahahahahaahaaha!


i heart halloween

fun night alert! that church and wellesley thing was pretty off the charts. I'm glad we were able to do the walk through and still make it to see both Major Maker and Small sins. PLUS we even had costumes thanks to Jogee and his misfit metal i have black and white face paint and blood in my drawer last minute idea! He deserved every second of that ride i gave him to work this morning at 7am and the stop at Booster Juice to boot. and after 2 pumpkin muffins, 2 cups of tea, some advil and in about 20 minutes a shower I might be able to survive the day. asif i have a 9-5'er starting Monday.

Bring on costumes better then mine.

This lady was having a sweet time even with her oxygen breather thing.

This dude ahem lady had a line up in front of her/him to take pics. crazy. the tourists were in abundance. see next pic.

this guy had little holes all up the seam on his butt. it was gross.

MAJOR MAKER! I didn't know it was Lindy and Thom! talk about an extra good buzz on top of an already good buzz night.

what's a blog post without a little Raymi?

it actually came off pretty well. we only had to do 2 washes with regular old handsoap.

thank god for this.