I MOVED! stop coming here. i know you're coming here, my stats say you are.

go here instead.

that's my last notice then im shuttin this sucker down for good.

brap! brap!



I told you I was going to move soon.

find me here from now on.

it's been a pleasure blogger but im afraid i've outgrown you.


this is funny

and then i got home. PML!



he makes this look easy

i've been listening to metal on the way to work lately. this is not reflective of my mood lately at all. (yes it is).

I dl'd Soilwork's new album a few months back for joe, and I have to admit im kind of addicted to it.

damn it i can't find a good video from this album where they are thrashing.

i need to go to more metal shows. maybe i should just grow my hair out already and transition towards all metal all the time?

in kind of related news i just contacted a bunch of old photographers from my punk/emo/screamo days and requested prints of some epic shows that i went to back in the day. i will share the awesome when and if i buy and mount them in our new digs.



wu tang underboob

I want that T. i never see it in a black and white.

via the whoa
via workingstiff925

so yesterday after having a very solid morning and then a very very horrible afternoon, the former TNT (that's your old initials right?) texted me (might i add at the perfect moment): 'hey girl, i know its a bit of a misson but let me know if you'd like to come over for a smoke and tea tonight'.

giddy up so fully down. (originally had a dee's date with some of my favorite people of all time but it had to be resched'd for next week) hi shannon! hi julie!

grabbed a 6 pack plus a creemore, hopped on the streetcar, missed my stop cause i was jammin to some old school on my sirius satellite radio, hopped off, ended up right near bacchus roti - ordered a butter chicken roti to go - hopped in a cab with what could be the most attractive cab driver in both voice and looks (nigeria you got something real good going on) i have ever had in the t dot. engaged in a pretty prime tete a tete and blam! arrived at T's.

there was some life whining, some appetizer indulging, some puff puff give, hip hop, a photo walk down memory lane, and an impromptu manicure. SOLID.

check out my chrome nails:

we're off to a winter wonderland this weekend. i can't wait to give jimmer a snow job.


i wish i thought of this.

i can also see joe totally doing this for our kid. aaaawwwwwwww.


over it.

im really sick and tired of what blogger templates are available. i might make a big move soon.

i win!

im almost finished the second season of mad men.
it's true, if you stick it out it gets better. slow show but worth the eventual drama that ensues. i have a crush on don draper. duuuh.

book club this round is called shit. i can't remember. but elephants is in the name. and i like it! i finally like the book club book!

I had class tonight. there was a paper due. not only did i finish it on time - yay me! - i think it's very well done. i'll share my mark with you when i get it back. this may be humorous for all parties involved.

we're going away this weekend to a winter wonderland. hot chocolates, tobogganing, movies, big breakfasts, fire places, extra blankets, wine, brandy, ooooo weeeee!

i shoveled today. it's pretty fun if you shovel once or twice in a winter. anything more then that is paining. i was all set on building a snow family but that white mess wouldn't pack at all. bullshit.

my bestie got a serious camera. :D cue party music.

mm those pants look great.

god im sick of winter. 2 more months. hurry the fuck up. i can't take it anymore!

those last 2 pics courtesy of breakfast at barneys

slow jams

I like em


i like to move it.

adam p. this song reminds me of you. omg i cant wait till our next dance party.

yo who still owns these? can i borrow them? preferably tapes please. and a tape deck. and a bop magazine. oh man there's a party right there.

I heard rap city and the wedge are back on much music. what about electric circus man. coooooooome ooooooooon.

pump up the jam.


spherical arts brunch yeah!

the lovely britt organized a girls brunch at the Academy of spherical arts today and I couldn't be more happy she had me on the invite list. a radical group of leading ladies, some brandy bijou mimosas, freshly baked croissants, and some delicious smoked salmon. ooo sunday you lookin goooood.

the strumbellas. at the bovine. oh yes.

go here for more


i keep

eating my lunch at 11:30am. I think hayley agrees that it is the worst when this happens. you must wait till 12 at least!

i cant wait to be starving again at 2pm.


mmmmmmenswear picks

My trusty GQ e-newsletter just put me into a dizzy haze of haaaaawwwwwwwt menswear.

here are a few of my favorites:

D&G - you get first place.

love the colours, love the mix of 3 piece suits with puffy jackets/vests (i didn't provide a picture for this, go search it out yourself), sneakers, the layering, the everything. love it. Joe brace yourself. this is happening. i also like coca cola. win win.

#2 Etro
ok didn't loooove this collection but i did find a couple ensembles that made it for me. plus the designers look friggin hilarious. can't you imagine smoking cigars with them and talking in an accent and eating finger foods?

#3 Moncler Gamme Bleu
Maybe it was the dogs that did it, maybe it was the butcher esque (wait is this equestrian related? i have no idea don't frown on me fashion folk - i admit i have no idea what im talking about) feel to a couple of these pieces. the cropped leather jacket? im into it.

joe always complains about how there is such limited menswear out there. why doesn't HM, F21 and Zara step up their game? do they think that only gay men like to look good?



I've been craving street meat for a week and a half. on my way home i bought a pack of dogs and some white wonderbread buns. craving owned.

jim bob and joe just left me to play bball. they also left me with the pacific on the highest volume on the television. this shit is depressing but im too lazy to get up and put felicity in. yeah that's right. felicity. it's happening. oh hold on now there is a soldier throwing rocks into a blown off head of blood. why would anyone want to watch this?!

joe made me bbq chicken, sweet potatoe fries and a beet salad for dinner last night. it was perfect.

i have so much reading to do for that fashion class im taking i don't even know where to start. i also have no idea when the exams or the assignments are due. apparently nothing has changed in my approach to school.

i may or may not be on my 3rd glass of wine. they're just little glasses though.

i really really want those tumblers with the gold rim from mad men. i also want them to come with don draper.

ok time to soak.


k duuuuuuubs


After a not coming! coming! not coming! coming! not coming! totally coming! not coming! ok we're coming slew of texts we went to kitchener to hang with hilary and paul!

and hit up the thought pop music showcase thing. Vacuity and trap tiger played. it was in a house. it was all you can drink! there were probably 150 people and everyone took off their shoes at the front door. joe and i were shocked. EVERYONE! and then someone projectile barfed over all of them midway through the night. (i was rightly paranoid and put our shoes at the back door when we got there so they weren't spewed on. I WIN!)

radical party, even more radical after party and the sound of the snow crunching under our feet while we toured around the city blew my mind (it was a great snow crunch). it was also super sparkly. snow in toronto is not sparkly.

and the pickles were PERFECT.