Panorama is a really crappy restaurant. service was shit, food was pretty shit, atmosphere was very shit, and price was ridiculously shitty. i highly DO NOT recommend it. But i really really wanted to go cause I've never been there and the view is pretty and whatever but soooo not worth it. our waitress went for an f'ing smoke in the middle of our meal, and they played 90's canadian rock through our whole meal and a skipping led zeppelin cd. are you kidding me. even the napkins were paper. what a waste of $120. and we even wasted $18.00 on 2 glasses of wine.

Then we went to Erin's for her birthday party! She had the greatest skirt top outfit on ever! ever! plan was to hit up the social afterwards but jogee and i were responsible and called it a night at around 11...for reals. we did! I only subjected myself to half a dubay and jogee only had half a glass of some shit rose wine the shmoltz had.

and this girl had a bird in her hair. i was pretty much in love with this whole idea and will most likely copy it, even if it was completely by accident and someone shoved it in her hair and she couldnt get it out cause the talllllons were stuck.

yeah im not having a good time...

oh we are so cute!

and then he fell off this chair after playing "kick start my heart" for me. he was like the computer dj for 20 minutes and played everything i wanted to hear. sooo good.

and then joe left me with the camera a little bit stoned (bad move) there were probably 60 more of just my face that i had to delete 20 minutes ago... and if you look real close you can see how hairy my armpits are at this very moment! hahahaahahaahahahaaha oh man. priceless. wax. tomorrow. tear.



Jogee writes stuff in here and then never publishes it... haha i just found this one!

(jogee) So I was kinda fat in college, then lost 30 pounds and was to thin then I started working out but needed to put on some weight, but I was eating the wrong stuff (I'm sure the binge drinking didn't help) but I got a bit of a gut. I'm starting to get all serious with healthy eating and shit. Skeesh and I have been thinking about going to a nutritionist and possibly doing a cleanse. Honestly, I just wanna poo on the regs, ya know. But seriously, I do feel tired a lot and a cleanse seems like a great idea. Skeesh can't handle 2 nights partying in a row cause her immune system is lacking something. Anyways, right now I'm watching the Raptor game and cooking............... brown rice and beets...... then picking the wife up from glass at 10. word.


ankle biter

to burlington! we went. met jogee on the sooobway and rode up to kipling to pick up my ride. i brought dinner with me, freshly microwaved from worky and ate it. surprisingly i didnt have any disgruntled fat women yell at me for opening a fantastically smelling container of pasta and chicken...anyways...then we drove to burlington and saw chris's new pad. it is siiiiick. right on the mothafuhinlakeyo. beautiful view, even though it was pitch black and snowing...but i could see it in my imagination...Chris got a Pug. I have no idea what he was thinking, it's like having a small bratty child. no puppies for me thanks! but i did manage to fall in love with him for about 5 minutes... until he ripped my 2 layers of socks off and put holes in them. i guess it was worth it, cause a) i got a little work out and b) it made me laugh. something i havent been doing enough AT ALL lately. spring where are you?

we went to the gym last night (yawn) and then came home and made some shake and bake chicken and broccolli and a nice little pasta mishmash of artichokes and grape tomatoes and cream cheese and basil. it was delish, then jogee made me half shower, not put on makeup, yell at me that we were going to be late, then walk a block ahead of me to supermarket, only to show up and see dan so that we could find out the comedy show "the boom" wasn't starting till 9. and we're on a no drinking thing. so we had to kill an hour. we did it by sitting on really uncomfortable stools and drinking club sodas and not talking to eachother. the show was an hour and half long, and only $5, so a pretty decent night out i must say. jogee's camera is crap when it comes to taking pictures of a stage... so later I'll post the pics of us not talking to eachother. haha.

and then mikey and caitlin showed up to have a drink (non alcoholic for moi)to catch up. they are on the verge of winning the cutest couple award from me. it's mikey's bday party this weekend. I'm breaking my no drinking streak for him. :)


ugh winter sports.

we went snowboarding today, well i didnt, i just sat on a bench all day while everyone else in my family went snowboarding. I don't do winter sports.

Jogee and I hitched a ride back with the broskee, and grabbed some sush on the corner. The place I rave about to everyone was friggin closed when we got there so we had to hit up some unknown place... was decent, until I gagged and choked on a peice of seaweed and then took a swig of green tea and then half spewed onto my plate, then had to dig down my throat to find the seaweed and then pull it out all stringlike onto my plate. lovely!


ahhh saturday mornings when you don't have a hangover. I think i could get used to this. I snuck out of bed this morning and made breakfast for me and jogee. It was devine. and we opened the new tea set I bought in Montreal. Mariska stumbled upon some little tea shop in China Town. It was a diamond in the rough. They had glass blown tea pots and cups and blooming tea flowers. $50 later we were leaving with a full set. Tea is on my top 3 of my favorite things (followed closely by ganj and cats). and omg i just checked out the website and it is the cutest! I was pretty much losing my mind when i poured the tea into the tiny cups and realized, its a cup inside a cup so your hands don't get burned but the tea still stays hot! Mariska, you should have bought one! anyways, def go to the website cause these pics do it 0 justice.