alright Gucci you got me you got me

i want it. i hope its big, like an overnight bag. a purse would be a huge buzz kill, but an overnight bag, that shit would be off the hizzle!

you better beeeeliiieeeeve

these poochies were not feeling the photo shoot.



music less

my ipod officially bit it a couple weeks ago. right after i got all that sweet music from Chris Shepherd (he's represented by the Bau-xi gallery now). brutes (about the ipod, not the gallery). So my walk to and from work (subway ride now due to the house sitting - sidenote: THE SUBWAY IS DISGUSTING) is sucking. large. I have a Samsung T10 chilling somewhere in the house that i got when i was way into selling my blog posts for free shit, but it's not compatible with itunes (major buzz kill) so I'm incredibly hesitant to try and upload tunes to it. Have any of you ever had an ipod get all cacked up and did you get it fixed and was it worth it? I work right beside China town (kabillions of ipod fixing shops there) so i don't know why i just don't bring the piece of shit with me to work and get it assessed. because i want a new one? probably. but then how will i pay for my trip to BC and Jamaica in the coming months? I won't. see the pickle im in!? friggin technology. so addictive.

this day is bullshit. either rain or not rain. drizzle. it's the worst. you're getting wet no matter what.

urban outfitters is having a mega sale right now - 50% off all womens already sale priced stuff. not gonna lie, i dropped a fiddy in there yesterday (everything was $5!). can't wait to see how many other people will have the same clothes as me in the coming weeks. unrelated but related : hipsters these days are wearing some of the most wack shit ever. Just the other day, actually pretty much every day, we saw these dudes that were a mix of george michael, elton john, lyle lovett, MC Hammer and madonna circa 1987. sounds like it could be cool, but it was just bad. all around horrible bad tranny mess. i wonder what they say to themselves when they take that last look in the mirror before they leave the house? i think the key is to take one epic piece from the aforementioned celebs and meld it with modern day. Apparently this is quite the feat for most. not to say im a visionary but come on people.

posse out.


livin it up

I'm house sitting this week. but it's not just any kind of house sitting. it's baller house sitting. complete with dog walker, house keeper, chef, and that recording system thing on the tv. hahaha god im so poor i don't even know what that's called. sooo... fairly dope living happening right now.

i bought a busload of bagels yesterday in Kensington whilst trying to find a gad damn halloween costume for our monster party we're having this weekend. and by monster i mean BIG not like jabba da hut. I'm going the Xmen Character route. finding full body spandex is a bit ridic. trying it on is even more ridic. so i'm taking the more respectable route and going as _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . plus shit ain't as tight as it used to be, and after drinking a 6 pack my flat rock hard abs are going to be bloated like woah. classy. so back to those bagels i was talking about. I got them from my market bakery. I had full self control and didn't crack and buy a spinagel. that's a first. I did however get supes inspired to make some halloweeny food for Saturday. check it:

They didn't have this at the bakery but they did have the most delicious looking black cat shortbread that im pretty sure I'm going to go back for today. wow. i am really channeling the mom vibe right now. getting excited about themed shortbread. HAYLEY WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?

oh and in other news, the raptors are playing the cavs tomorrow for the home opener. we basically have no chance here so i'm not even going to attempt to get my hopes up. but i will watch it, drink a brew and be happy that the basketball season has officially begun. helllyeeeeah.


turn on.

sometimes taking your camera out to events can be a huge buzz kill. either cause you just don't feel like taking pics that night (rare) or you know people there don't want you taking pics (i know who you are) or you don't want to bring a purse (i never want to bring a purse) but when pictures like this happen, it's so so fully worth it.

sure it's not 100% in focus and sure there's some photoshopping i would do to the background (i have no idea how to use that program) but damn girl, Jogee is hot. I love it when he is patient enough for me to catch the hotness in all it's glory. i heart you, you friggin babe. xoxoxox


merch girls

there's gotta be a website for this kinda thing. ya know. merch girls, just doin their thing? I'd check it everyday. I think I'm gonna see if the domain is taken. shit. this is gonna be unreal!



I think I might have made the wrong decision going into advertising. I have such a boner for fashion these days. especially when perfect nights like this happen.

January part time enrollment? should i do it? I could skip all the way lame boring classes and just focus on the amaze ones. yup. i think it's happening.

(my cam batt was being a bit of a douche so i stole a few of these from this little sweet tart! )


This will make you smile on a bad day

It starts to get good at around :40


fashion week what's up!?

i am sipping on an ice cold silver bullet right now, knocked off a good 600 calories at the good ol gym and now I'm planning out my fashion week party sched. First up:


Here's the lowdown.

Carte Blanche has selected influential members of the young Toronto fashion and art communities to present the S/S 2010 collection from their internationally acclaimed in-house line Pink Cobra.

Images featuring pieces from the collection will be presented in large format print at SHADOWPLAY, an in-store event/opening that coincides with Toronto’s LG Fashion Week.

Participants are:

Karen Roze & Shan Sarwar
Justin Borbely & Richard Autio
Miguel Jacob & Dwayne Kennedy
Zach Hertzman & Michael Mercanti
Kristie Muller
Hannah Sider & Sarah Blais
Kavin Wong
Lauren Burns-Coady
Corey Goodyear & Brian Richards
Carly Bangs

Toronto Bands
will be performing music inspired by the collection!!!

LBC & BALLER play mp3s woooo yeah

Come join us for the unveiling and get down on some Belvedere Vodka, RedBull, some Amsterdam Beer, some wine, some schnapps... whatever.

OH! and CARTE BLANCHE will be screening a film shot for Pink Cobra By Carly Bangs featuring the collection's muse Darling Nikki You don't want to miss that!!

PLUS you can purchase an amazing tote bag custom designed by Corey Corey (teenagecrimewave.com)!!

AND you can take the works home with you in a zine designed specifically for this event and available exclusively at this party.

decent yeah? I hope i don't drink too much and barf my brains out at work the next day.

i want to sleep in a real pile

We usually try to hit up a movie sneak-in (hyphen necessary?) every once and awhile. ya know, pay for one, sneak into two kinda deal. Last night we went to the Varsity (I much prefer AMC over Cineplex just fyi. i have like 400 points on my AMC card. That Scene card is bullshit. i havent gotten one free thing yet!) and got down with 'Where the Wild Things Are', then 'Coco Chanel' for 45 mins, then 'Bright Star'. Do I need to post the trailers? The wtwta trailer is basically blanketed over the entire internet right now, so I'm pretty positive you've already seen it. So here's Coco Chanel and Bright Star:

commence trashing:

wtwta: meh. aside from wanting to sleep in a 'real pile' everyday for the rest of my life from now on i was NOT in love with this movie. it was scary and depressing and sad and boring. Of course the puppets were incredible and i liked the cinematography and the acting was decent (should have had more mark ruffalo), but all in all i wasn't feeling it. Weird thing is i would still totally recommend you to see it. It's different and somewhat ground breaking, so worth having under your watched movies column... but DO NOT take your kids to see it. They'll have nightmares for sheezy.

coco chanel: we only really saw 30 mins of this one. but from the 30 mins i saw i was not moved to watch the whole thing. I love that Audrey Tautou though. She's so so adorable. She needs to do some nakes pics though in some classy mag. I would buy it. i'll probably end up ordering this on ROD whenever it comes out and i am home eating chocolate cake and drinking beers with Hayley. oooo good idea me!

Bright Star: Biggest upset of them all. We tried to see this at the film fest but it sold out almost immediately. Crazy good reviews, blahblah supposed to be the best romance story of the year even! It was brutal. soooooo boring. sooooo anti climactic. i didnt even shed one tear. so skip this one. don't even rent it. i even offered to leave 3 times through the movie. Jogee was losing his mind!

the end.


the *new* raptors

Jogee's friend Anthony gave us some ticks for the raptors game yesterday. I was tres tres excited about it. first live game of the season for me AND they were playing the celtics! perfs! I don't know why I've never gone down to the court before to take pics. I've been sitting in my seat all this time wondering how tall they actually are when i could have just walked right up to them.

i learned 2 things:

Turkoglu isn't as unattractive in person.

Calderon is a fire cracker.