oh and this happened because danomyt and frenchie are pretty much on the ins whenever it comes to white trash partying!

you've probably guessed it already. STILL NO INTERNET AT HOME. we're (i) are surprisingly getting by! maybe it's cause I have a blackberry which has facebook access and email access and maps access! and the fact that I have to read every paper everyday for the jobby job, i know whats going on in the city in my morning subway ride everyday! scary i know. i may actually not need the internet. blogging however has sadly gone on the back burner for far too long. i think i've even lost my regular readers. (insert crying smily face here)I'm sorry friends, things have been a little ca-razy lately.

our evenings have consisted of: (feel free to stop reading here, boredom will ensue) going to the gym, driving to jogee's parents for groceries, going to montreal for a much needed family visit, playing PS3 (actually i just watch because jogee is a hog and only buys 1 player games), working way too late, eating sushi around the corner, and going to bed by midnight without an ounce of liqour in my tummy. pounds lost to date: 0. could be because I've been eating smart food and ice cream and oreos and poutines for the past 2 weeks.

oh i forgot about this...



Enough is enough

Alright skeesh, enough is enough and it's time for change. After we rip it at the gym tonight, I promise to hook up the internet!

“Sometimes my daughter will ask me why I spend so much of my time sewing and I just look at the stupid bitch and go, ‘It’s Maiden, Veronica, can you wrap your tiny, ten-year-old brain around that? No? Then shut the fuck up’.”


what the?!
So we need to get a wireless card or something for jogee's comp before we are back in 2007 on the internet working it like it ain't no thang...so therefore the best pictures of the century will have to wait until then... i stole these from stalkbook in the meantime...

I have no idea who that guy is in the first pic...and that's the unbelievable mini wedding cake clare made me (she's opening a bakery i think) and that's my bestie with her bf...
probably will never go to the Tattoo Rock Parlour again. I dug the design and space and look of the place, but the DJ was horrible and it was bombarded by 905'ers by 11:30. I think it may have something to do with the fact that Edwin is a bartender there and they have bottle service. yuck.
I'm pretty much madly in love with everyone who showed up, so kudo's to you little babes! you now know you got atleast me for sure coming to your bday! :)



is back in a bad way. still no internet. we tried last night but i got nothin. i might need to buy a whole new compy. so many good pics i can hardly contain myself. not gonna lie, im sooo not into blogging these days... maybe it's the whole new apartment, birthday partying, working till 7, oh and I DONT HAVE INTERNET AT HOME thing. siiiiiiiiiiigh.


what should i wear on Friday? either I go glam or comfortable cool...if i go for the latter, i'm all set...glam wise not so much... send me pics of sweeeeet dresses girlies! i still havent called the cable/internet guy/girl so lamo posts for another couple days...Jogee took me out on a little romantic dinner last night. we ate at that italian place on Baldwin. Our waiter was rad. i think he was wasted...anyways it's a sweet deal. we only paid 60 bucks and got a friggin jug of wine, appetizers, and main courses and a gigantic peice of tiramisu with a candle in it. AND our waiter was a good buzz. then we finally set up the flat screen and the PS3 and Jimmer came over and we all broke the electronics in together. GET A FLAT SCREEN BLUE RAY TV. it is the greatest experience of your life, you feel like you're in the movie, for reals.... so so so good and worth the $2000. I am officially a gamer now, after playing Uncharted drakes fortune. I sucked at it and died pretty much every time it was my turn but the graphics are so sick and the old dude that follows the main guy around is friggin hilarious. well maybe not that hilarious, but after a jug of wine, he's ON. "when it was my turn" hahaha

HO-LY crap

I just got the greatest wax of my life, and it was pretty painless and fast and amazing. thank you Linds and Erin for your reco. how could you keep this chick a secret this long?


remember when jogee and i went to Rexdale to get our haircuts and then afterwards we went to this famous Roti place so I could have my first Roti? well... the strip mall was so packed we couldn't get a parking spot so jogee ran in while i waited in the car and then this fucking thing backs in front of me.

I have never been so disgusted in my life. Is this actually how meat gets delivered? I need answers. I wanted to call some organization but had no idea what i would call. even worse, these guys were looking around all suspiciously the whole time they were carrying these poor animals inside their Halal shop.

sorry sorry sorry

wow i didn't know i had so many fans! alright alright so there's only like 5 people that read this but for reals this whole comments in my inbox everyday is friggin rad! Jogee and I don't have cable or internet for a few more days, so my blogging is on the back burner. oh and it's my birthday today! party on wayne. party on garth. areeerareerareerareeeee! see you all on friday?

more on the move lata.


mmm staying in

oh yeah. stayed in with jogee's main crew and loved every second of it. kinda like our last sexy time in the jarvis apartment. sigh. sigh. sigh.

and then we made fun of jogee's haircut for about 15 minutes. i wish i had video of this. sidenote: I made Jogee venture to Rexdale with me to get my haircut telling him he will also get a haircut for free and a tan! so he came... and then we got there and my hair dresser was all "i don't think i'll have time for him" so then jogee says (when she's in another room mixing my colour) " I'm fucking pissed at you, if you made me come here to sit in this chair for 2 hours and i'm not even getting a haircut im going to be so mad at you in the car" so then it became a mission for me to make sure he got it cut. plus ate something. plus remained happy in the extra chair. Thank god they had I am Legend playing on the tv and there was a roti place across the street. oh AND i struck gold halfway through my colour when one of the stylists became freeeeeeee. and did this....



jogee and i cry every time we watch this.

and then we laugh...

I'm buying Bud Light for the next 3 weekends.

headache central

jimmer's show was so so so so so so so good. Even Boots showed up (totally dirty mind dude we went to college with) and cute little Hayley was there too. The LCBO beside the Eaton Centre is constantly out of cold shots, so we had to get tall boys. my stomach fat is not thanking me today. and i bought a new dress off the H&M 70% off rack. The button fell off as i stepped out the cab in front of the horseshoe. i was kinda prepared for it, so i salvaged the thread and button and reattached it in the bathroom, only to have it rip off again during my first dance move. bad buzz. i only worried about it for 30 mins though, then it was a party time again. We get the keys to the new APT tomorrow! yeah! so we'll be up late tomorrow making countless trips from o-town to furnish the new pad.

Don't ever buy a stove from SEARs, they are total assholes.