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black - grey - white elevator party!

new ink party!

patio party!

30th birthday party!

soccer party!

good game party!

sibling party!

woo! time to go camping!


dirt all by my lonely

soundtrack for the day. turn that shit up yo!


low down

been a heavy, busy, emotional, intense couple weeks round these parts. family stuff, wedding stuff, work stuff, people being crazy stuff, etc.

I'm ripping through this week like it ain't no thang. or at least trying to. 2 nights at the office till much later then usual hours, regular workload turning into major workload, and a warning that i should be concerned about how that workload is just going to get worse whilst planning a wedding and worrying about my best friend (love you ma). however, instead of losing my mind and appearing frantic, i am going to embrace this challenge and own it. i figure there's really no other way to do it in order to maintain my sanity, stay positive and make sure i actually enjoy these next few months of my life.

remember - beta dual lands. sorry, jogee just woke up from a half sleep and told me to remember that.

back to stressville. how do you guys deal with overwhelming times like these?

I'm an anxious panic driven (not ridden, im choosing driven) person most of the time so i feel like im really keeping it real right now. who knows though, i already had a morning of tears at work the other day and im pretty sure if jogee gives me the signal (ie. "lay it on me honey") i'll be in that state again at some point before i hightail for the weekend. another reason why boyfriends ahem fiance's are amazels. they may not tell you you look like a fox at the exact moment you're hoping for but they def know when you really really need a hug. or at least mine does.


there are 2 concerts coming up in the next 2 months that i am DIEING to go to. and if i forget one more day to get tickets and then find myself standing outside the venue begging someone to pay double for their ticket i'll be thoroughly bummed. so.. this is the second reminder. GET THOSE TICKETS. i'd throw the names out there but then that decreases my chances that much more of acquiring them.

ah and here are my top favorite 'compliments' i have gotten on my ring:

"oohhhh it's so......you" but say you like yuuuuUUUUOOO??
"look how CUTE it is!"
"is that like vintage?"
"where is your wedding band going to go?" "oh i don't want a wedding band, im just taking this one off and putting it back on again at the ceremony" "oh? that's weird."

LOL. engagement rings are a strange thing. a beautiful wonderful thing. but a strange thing.

also just for the record - bitches be crazy.

night friends!

only a select few

will understand why this is adorable and heart warming. im looking at you glenn.

brought to you by jogee. awwwwww

this is love

look out. im totally recreating this and rocking it for caribana. oohhhh yes.


mmmm erin

so after the courvoisier and the pizza last week i totes forgot we went to see erin's new band 'The Strangers' at 751 (woah big night for a weekday). a little too rockabilly country for me, but they sounded aight and of course the stage presence was on point. lookin good erin, lookin very very good. mm mmm mmmmmm yeah girl. you guys should get into this band.

and betty was there too! what a sweet thang she is.

erin - get your shit together and let's get silly next week!

say good bye to your balls spaghetti and megatron - tomorrow's the big day!

also did i show you the friggin corn rows cooney for hair put in my mop when i had that up do done for adam and clare's wedding? maaaaaan when i took the 800 bobby pins out of this mess i was like JOGEE JOGEE! look! corn rows! apparently it was a big enough deal to me that i demanded photos of this. it's for sure a short hair thing. i haven't seen a braid in my hair since grade 7.

another 2010 summer weekend down

friday: black mountain was amazels! loved it hard. good call jogee. very very good call. then again, pretty much anything jogee recommends is a good call. he also only recommends things about 2 or 3 times a year though, so the odds on it being amazing are pretty up there. stopped at matt's first for a brew and a delicious vodka cocktail. he showed me his true internet ninja skills and i was literally blown away. i think it may be time for a new computer up in here. or a new hard drive or SOMETHING. i felt like i was stuck in 1996 after i saw what matt had going on in his internet world. i was tres tres jeals.

then onto the horseshoe! black mountain made me miss classic rock. i went through a huge classic rock phase approximately 3 years ago. it was intense. classic rock can send you into a pretty heavy vibe if you really give yourself to it. ya know what i mean? i feel like steph and hayley know what im talking about here. and my old boss joel. he definitely had a time with classic rock. i think i might get back into it. put the hip hop on hold for a little while and drop some ELO, alan parsons project and zeppelin back into my life. ooo this is exciting!

oh shiiiiiiit is this back in style? i wouldn't be able to rock it regardless but damn the multi pony tail. that's somethin.

oh! also wanted to send a shout out to erica/erika (how do you spell your name?) for introducing herself at the shoe and saying a whole bunch of the sweetest things ever to jogee and I. e-mail me girl! i love meeting readers!

and Sarah! too! hi!

Saturday: missioned it out to the burbs to meet my ma and commence some serious bridal gown shopping. I found my dress not just once but twice yesterday. magical moments all around man. better then anything i imagined. i make a wedding dress look good. LOL! but seriously.

another heavy week at work comin up, my brother's big dirty thirty, and wait for it....

camping! like full on tent camping! siiiiiiiiiick!


mythical creatures

for some reason that's what i think of when i think about this band:

liiiiive. tonight. stoked. i need to find a gothic inspired outfit i think.

i also think im gonna chop an inch off my locks today. shit's gettin all flat and boring.

oh yeah! so i went to book club last night. didn't finish the book. kept getting distracted when i should have been reading this week. all good though, the girls didn't give away too much so im gonna try and finish it this weekend.

you gotta read this one ladies, it's hella good. the characters are awesome and i found many similarities in myself with them and peeps in my circle.

found out one of the girls in book club is a HUGE basketball fan, so we got slightly caught up in talking about our favorite players and our thoughts on next years team. i love talking basketball with chicks.

oh and check out this family bbq we had on the weekend. my mom rocked the balloons like it was no body's business.

grey. it's a good shade.


pass the courvoisier

last night we hit up the courvoisier tasting at the Park Hyatt. I was underwhelmed with the venue. I've never stayed at the Park Hyatt but i dated a guy once who's brother took photos of celebrities there and so i had this preconceived thought that it was going to be a little more ballin. anyways, we arrived a little late but perfectly on time for the little Napoleon show and the courvoisier tasting! even squeezed in a cocktail beforehand. I'm going to be 100 % honest here - the only reason i know what courvoisier is is because it's in a couple (just 1?) rap song(s).

but i know way more now. we tried exclusif and xo - 2 slightly different tastes. I preferred the xo. it was a little less intense. after the initial lesson on the history of courvoisier and the scent test we had the chance to brew our own mixes. Annalie and I mixed up a apple pie inspired drank with jam, cinnamon, oj, gingerale, chili flakes, grapefruit, and of course exclusif courvoisier. i thought it was going to taste like spew but it actually wasn't half bad. needed more ice, but other that pretty radical.

then we bumped into these fine gentlemen...

got into the vibe

met some new bloggy friends

chilled out on the rooftop

presented our drink 'the baker'

and then bounced with our gift bag to get some pizza.

solid event. it's nice to say what's up to your blog crew in the flesh.