work attire

I've been asking this guy for these pics for months (thank you JLO, I will buy you a grilled cheese at the dump next time we're in the sausage together). I'm pretty in love with anything that involves collared button up shirts, hip hugging skinny's and loafers. i would wear this everyday if tucked in collared button up shirts weren't so frigging uncomfortable. you should go here and hype the shit out of it.

shirt and bag boner of the day

necessary luxuries

I ordered a whole box of the cashmere wash. I have so much cashmere in my closet I was worried one bottle wasn't going to be enough.


mmm the one piece

i can't get enough of the one piece. picked up some nautical fabric on thursday and sewed up a new accessory for the wedding we had on saturday. i am a draping master.

i make a million bucks!

this could be the best hip hop show i have ever been too.
Erick and Parrish did not disappoint.
King reign was unbelievable.
dj scratch was off the charts.
and saukrates was there!

i was in hip hop heaven.

videos to come later. god i fucking love hip hop.


i'll take 5 of them!


seriously. this is the biggest bbq i have ever seen.

i know! GET OUT!

best bbq'd meat i have ever eaten.


da da da da da it's da joint!

tomorrow night!

no wind?

get out the label maker!

first sail of the summer - check!


uh woah

has anyone seen zac efron in interview mag. holy. shit.

casinos are depressing

like really really depressing. i highly recommend you only go there with a group of 8 people after finishing a mickey of rye and when fireworks are scheduled halfway through your gambling. you should also only bring $100. and then you should only play roulette. and put $5 chips on every number on the board. the mat? the table? whatever it's called. cause i won a whole bunch of dolla dolla bills y'all! plus i hooted and hollered enough for people to come and see what was going on at our table. it was like a mooooovie.