yellowknife here we come!!!

it is official, jogee and i are going to yellowknife in July compliments of my bestie Courtney. She is a nurse there and she also has 2 puppies that i am going to put in my bag when we come home. i am so excited i am having heart palpitations.

judging by these pics i think it will be one of the funnest weeks of my life.

ass grab niiiiice



so beans and I got down with the garden last weekend. these are our before pictures... we havent really touched it since... but when we do I'll show you how beautiful it becomes. We're thinking a veggie garden, you know zucchini, tomatoes, pumpkins, peppers... and then some fleurs, and some basil, maybe a little chive action... anyways pretty solid that we even have the option, especially cause we live in the center of polluted toronto. we'll invite you over for a basil pesto pasta whenever things get moving...growing..

thanks zeppelin! bon voyage!

zeppelin hooked us up the other day. we went for a little visit out in scarborough haha i kid zeppelin i kid. and we picked up the sweetest lamp ever, a new planty friend, and a crapload of glass. despite the ghosts that were lurking in the corner, her place was very cozy and cute and cool and classic. 4 C's! i will miss you friend. have fun with the bats!

here are the new homes for your belongings..

menthol superslims!



first it was all this banner business (3 headed snake whats up?!) then mariska's shoes on thursday, now it's raekwon's jacket on his myspace pic. damn bitch! im sold! shower me in snake skin immediately. IMMEDIATELY.

i am 100% serious about this. im going to make it happen. HA i just got the best mental image of me sitting on a patio wearing snake skin sippin on a brew, feelin it.


jogee's addicted to ebay

not only is he bringing home a new transformer from the 80's each week, he's buying ME things. he came home with this yesterday

1984 malibu barbie.

for those who don't know, my dad threw out all my barbies back in the day. like when i was 14 or something. my mom cried that day. actually i recall her saying she lost it on him. anyways about 7 years ago my family started to rebuild my barbie collection. I have like 30 now. but they're all new or within the past 7 years new, so jogee thought i might want one from my OG collection. I'm sorry but who has the best boyfriend ever?

this guy!

thats the bidness can i get a witness

i love these.


Happy Birthday Linds!

fun fun fun fun night on friday. we went to Laide to celebrate Lindsey's bday! i stole these pics from leiko . i thank caitlin for introducing us to this bar. such a good vibe in there. good music, good crowd, really nice bartenders and 50's porn playing the entire time you're there!

haha matt looks so angry in this pic

then we headed back to our place, where kris king , kev, carm, sarah and katie came over for some serious jamming. well kev, sarah and katie kinda had a nap but the rest of us stayed up with the help of some bongos,maracas, 30lb weights, ankle weights, red charcoal pizza and a belt. classic.


i would have liked to kick it a little harder with the Toronto Fashion Week, but my schedule was so jammed last week that it was not working in my favor. meh, i think i got my fill through blogto . They are doing a great job of covering everything. nice work guys! I did manage to go to Strangelove to see Hannah and
Carli work it for rvca . They are such babes. my pictures are pretty horrible, so you should check out matt vardy in the next couple weeks. He'll probably post some shots there.