went to the drake last night for jen's bday party...with steph and raymi and fil . i wish i remembered my camera was in purse earlier in the night cause i got zero pics of the good time party time that went down until we got banished to the main floor bar and subsequently had to travel to strange love on my ownskees to dance it up with banana. it was a great start to a looooooooooooooooooooong weekend. woo!

aw man i thought i took way more pictures then this.


oh hello 4 day weekend, whatever will i do with you?

oh i know!

go on a historical walking tour
go to collingwood and hoot and hollar at ginos on wasaga beach
and go on a booze cruise around the islands
and sleep
and go to the gym
and eat a lot of salad


so i wake up this morning with this crazy pain in my chest, like on the right side, above my boob, pretty much in this exact same location the whole time and when i breathe it's like burning knives stabbing me. so i go to work thinking it's heart burn or something and it won't go away so of course i become obsessed with it and then finally around 2 i crack and tell my boss i need to go to the clinic... thinking oh god i probably just made the biggest over reaction ever and i get to the clinic and turns out i have costochondritis. i get some drugs and im back at work, waiting to hit up the dentist at 4pm so i can get those hideous metal fillings removed and replaced with white ones. what a lovely day eh? however my teeth DO look unbelievable. you should go to my dentist actually. i didn't even feel the freezing and the whole process was quick and painless, like for real im not even half joking. this dentist is frigging awesome. go to him.


and this is why i love you jogee

Hi Darlin,
oh boy, i think you might really like this one!!

kings of convenience.

i think im going to dance to this with jogee for the next few mornings. :)


we're going to buskerfest today! im going to buy one of those insanely large chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches.
jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez beijing olympics on PS3 is HARD! like really hard, even for gamers (ie. jogee). we had our second stay in, bring out the blankets (our apt is way too cold, david suzuki would be pissed. but we have no temp control in our portion of the house!) play videogames, eat candy date with jimbob and hayley. i have a major beef with that game. The way you set up your games to play, gymnastics is always at the end... so by the time you get through all the diving and running, you're way too bored of the game to play the gymnastics. crap.

we're coming up to almost a year living in toronto, well me living in Toronto, jogee's lived here for years... and I gotta say my favorite part is going on a late night walk and bumping into at least 10 people you know or hang out with, and you didnt even call them or anything.

one of the great things about having serious career type jobs are the client appreciation parties.

rooftop patio at the drake
free delicious food
free drinks
clueless door people
cab chits (is it a chit? where did that originate from?)


i was just reading the she does the city weekend ideas email and there is a midtown dance party at 751 tonight. does anyone want to go with me? i havent asked jogee yet but i fear he will say no... meh who knows maybe ill be over it in a couple hours. but midtown damn its such a good vibe. actually does anyone know of a website that just plays midtown tunes all day?

haha i meant MOTOWN


aw ronnie

woh. this blog is starting to lose atleast 50 hits a day due to my excessive social life. sorry guys i just haven't been home at night, like at all... well except for when me and tony horton have our 30 minute love affairs...

we went to a wedding #2 for those who are counting... we have 6 in total this summer i think... anyone want to donate some wedding gifts for our cause?


oh yeah so radiohead... friday.... i get stuck at work till way too late which diminishes all possibilities of a pre drink but thank goodness cause that would have been a bit much... grabbed a cab... got stuck in pouring rain omg as if this is happening please do not be ben harper last year all over again... and arrived just in time for a) grizzly bear (meh, not so much) and b)for mike and caitlin to pull us into VIP, sick. (sidenote: my brother was on the g list with his wife and i was all flabbergasted like wtf? awww soo funny) ANYWAYS, i wore this ridiculous 70's garb and way regretted it when it was pouring and freezing and windy, but then yay it stopped just after grizzly bear and everything was perfect again! and they were amazing and i am obsessed with them again and Thom Yorke i am in love with you. still. ever since grade 8. alright alright i know thats enough...



more later. we have a wedding to go to!!!


I should be getting myself pumped by looking at rare radiohead stuff and finding set lists CAUSE WE'RE GOING TO THE CONCERT IN LIKE 4 HOURS OMG....but i was supposed to leave work at noon and it's 3 and im still here. AND i have to go to the dentist in 30 mins. ugh. thank god for madonna and jem.


I had a lovely time at Make your exit last night. it's always such a good buzz to seee your name on a guest list even if it's with 300 other names. hahaha! ha! despite them going on a little later then expected and me getting all excited about what visuals they might have for my dopey eyes...(no visuals, siiiiigh) they packed the shoe again (jeez where do they get all these friends?) and rocked it. I think i may have even sang along to songs. woo!

Hey! are they old enough to be in the bar? how cute!

ugh. it's so nice out and im soooo tired and unmotivated to do anything remotely physical. aaaaaaaand considering i just had the $6 all you can eat chinese buffet from that market thing on Queen, it's safe to say im not going anywhere for a good 3 hours... and rock of love isn't even on tonight. crap. is that show even still going on? I've missed the past 4 episodes probably. oh bret i miss you!

last night was siiiick, as per usual. paid for it this morning though... however i did make it through the day thank god for those smoothie's at starbucks now.

why doesn't anyone ever move up at these shows, we tried but it just wasn't happening. that black and white checkered floor must be the culprit.

yay! nicole is actively wearing my white jellies that she scored at the clothing swap!

so you know just another night at the horseshoe. K bailed half way through, but it's ok i forgive her, cause i completely forgot to bring all her clothes to work with me today... sorry K! when do you want to pick em up??

oh and THANK YOU FOR THE EP MIKE! you are such a doll, the 1:30am thank you texts are always a welcome wake up when im still thoroughly smashed. ;) love love!