very very confusing

we made a giant vat of ravioli and meat sauce last night. it was sooooooo tasty. then i got to pick whatever movies i wanted and get as high as i wanted (hahahaha so funny high hahaha funny) and watch them and eat. i picked the prestige (and the royal tenanbaums, and some chick flick). i friggin love that movie (the prestige). this was only our second time watching it. and it was just as confusing as the first time. did you guys watch this movie and did you get it? after it was done we had to google 'the prestige explanation'. we actually did that im not just saying we did. so then we got cozy in bed and then i had to read the explanation written by some uber movie nerd cause jogee was too tired to. but because i was whaling on the pipe all night (hahaahaha whaling on the pipe) i kept coughing and having choking fits and for some reason whenever i read outloud i dont absorb what im reading so after all these major parts i'd be like "huh i don't get it" i guess you had to be there. it was funny. anyways go watch that movie and explain it to me when you take me out for a beer tomorrow. cooooooooooool.

oh paul potts you get me everytime

so jogee is addicted to red flag deals and found out there was a free paul potts concert going down at the first canadian place at 12:15 yesterday. im fessin up, I LOVE PAUL POTTS. how can you not get overwhelmed with emotion when you hear that guy sing? anyways we ripped it over there, my brother's friend chris came along with us. he's the biggest sweetheart on the planet. he made me a cd and pulled it out of his jacket when he walked me back to work. so charming. :) we only caught 3 songs of paul potts but it was all worth it. i highly recommend you guys check out red flag deals/the waterfall stage at the first canadian place and take in some free concert action. word.

move over martha

my mom held a babay shower on the weekend for mariska. i was in charge of games, but i cracked under pressure and had a panic attack pretty much 10 minutes into the first game and then couldn't fulfill my duties for the remainder of the day. sorry ma, i have panic issues! everything else seemed to run incredibly smoothly. you will notice how dedicated and crafty my mommers is in these photos. she did EVERYTHING herself. can you imagine what my wedding will be like? intense.

girls night out not so much

so jogee's going to a stag this friday and i thought hey! i should have a girls night out! I have never had one of these in my life. like not even in college i don't think. All my best friends were usually dudes, and not that that's the case now, but i dont know, girls nights always seem pretty lame to me. anyways i decided to have one, ya know get down with the ladies i hardly ever see or ones that i'd like to get to know better, but apparently all my lady friends have lives and plans already. Like this invite is pretty hilarious. I invited 65 chicks, close buds, kinda close buds, friends of friends that i like and think are hilarious and acquaintances. I have 5 that have said there attending. 5. that's a pretty brutal ratio don't you think? but kudos to the ones that posted a reason why they cant make it. anyways i think i'll just trash the whole girls night out idea from now on, or i guess until im like 55 and need to get away with the girls cause my life is ridiculously stressful. ANYWAYS, i know half of you guys read this, so it's still on... i'll probably just chill at home and drink some beers and talk about james franco and brad pitt by myself. give myself a manicure/pedicure, get jimmer to do my hair, and have shots with the 82 year old neighbour. she's probably down with it. oh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan


Man's best friend

I think I want a dog so I looked up almost every dog in the world and came up with this list of ones I liked.
Bernese Mountain Dog
Black Russian Terrier
Chinese Imperial Dog
Chow Chow
Finnish Spitz
Glen of Imaal Terrier
Golden Retriever
Great Pyrenees
Icelandic Sheepdog
Kerry Blue Terrier
Russo-European Laika
Nove Scotia Dock-Tolling Retriever
Slovac Cuvac
Welsh Terrier
I like the Newfoundland dog the best. Look at this guy.



this was pretty much the coolest outfit you could have in grade 6,7,8 in my school. whats up homelands brap! brap! no fear t shirts and umbro shorts. holy nostalgic.

add this




can you make this for jogee's birthday? it's in february, so you have lots of time to practice.


omg yum



this is pretty horrible. i warn you in advance.

Naked Wizard Tased By Reality from Tracy Anderson on Vimeo.


look how round and soft his tail looks!

ps. this video gets way better half way through

i promise I'll stop stealing your photos soon hannah.

jack astors patio that looks onto yonge dundas square is pretty solid. you lose sun around 4pm though. keep that in mind. actually maybe till 5 if you're closer to the east end of patio. our waiter was very congenial. he said i look like rumer willis. that is the second time i have heard that. i usually get ashley simpson (before the nose job) really? rumer willis? he said he worked with her on some movie set all last summer (ie. im an actor, im not just a jack astors waiter, not that there's anything wrong with that, he probably makes more money then most managers/directors/presidents even) and that she is super nice and friendly and really pretty in person. awwww i'd go back and buy beers from that guy again.

ok maaaaaybe he's onto something...


mr rogers breakdancin

i haaaaaaaaaaaaaad to steal this from casemodern .



im selling my soul to a non life of working round the clock we're missing this tonight. i don't even love them that much but it would've been an incredibly sick show. and a small venue too. siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh

jogee said the above video is crap. here's a better one.

they are hot too. go to their myspace.

jamaica for the summer mon

I've come to the conclusion that I am going to embrace all things Jamaican this summer. While this little seed was growing last night all i could think about was Lisa Bonet. She's african/jewish/american though i found out today, so not jamaican at all, but whatever, her style reminds me of a Rastafarian and therefore is the coolest shit ever.

crazy wiki tidbit - she stars in Angel Heart - a 1987 mystery-thriller film written and directed by Alan Parker, and starring Mickey Rourke & Robert De Niro

Her part in the film was controversial: she appeared in a graphic sex scene with Rourke, out of which scenes had to be censored in order to ensure an R rating though later an uncut X rated version was released.

I need to find this uncut X rated version immediately.

to bigitup! i need some hats.