check ya later!

I'm off to Mariska's cottage for her bachelorette party. oh isn't she just a cute little cupcake?!



and nerdsonsite fixed our computer for 5 hours last night. ok im exagerrating, it was only 4 hours and like 57 minutes. yeah i know. what the hell was wrong with it? or what the hell was that guy doing in our room that long? shit. he's probably reading this. hi nerdonsite! you were awesome and thank you for giving me my life back!

anyways. you guys didnt miss much. we went to wonderland. it kinda blew. you have to be on acid or something to enjoy that place these days.

oh but we did make veggie chickpea burgers. here is our totally made up recipe.

chick peas - mash the shit out of them
add green onion and parsley and bread crumbs (or crushed expired stale vegetable thins, cause thats what we did) and an egg white to hold it all together and throw it in pan and fry that shit up yo!

and then throw some portobello mushroom caps in the oven with some olive oil and cook em for like 10 mins or something, and then throw them in the fry pan after you take out those patties and fry em up a bit...

then throw some sliced tomatoes into the fry pan and then build that mutha. and squish some cranberry goat cheese (or any kind of goat cheese) on top on it all and BAM!

you have a siiiiiick dinner and its healthy and its full of flavour and its friggin cheap (if you buy everything in china town)



sorry guys

we don't have internet at home right now... maaaaaaaybe getting fixed tonight. so in the meantime.... for those of you who know i stalk your blog on a regular i would appreciate an email with detailed blog post updates.



oh you know just making costumes for our WWF party tomorrow.

were having a party tomorrow. actually jogee is having the party... and i am being his right hand man. can you guess what we're dressing up as? I think i have invited everyone we know, so if i forgot you, please get in touch. we would love you to be there. it is going to be off the hizzle.

omg. k-zee just texted me ARE.....YOU.....READY.....TO...RUMBLE???!!!

best text of the day award. obviously.

so that vans warped tour opening party at gibSons was a bust. im sorry raym's. i think it has to do with being sober and the fact that it was a 22 year old punk/emo/lame sausagefest and we were late and we missed the bands we wanted to see. HOWEVER, it was nice to see everyone in one place at one time. and it was also nice to have free drinks. AND it was also nice to meet DIEMONDS
. they were the best dressed people there and that girl priya is a completely perfect lovely girl. they have a show tonight. refer to the previous link and check their myspace for details.

i asked jogee which guitar he thought i liked the most and he chose this one last. like out of 40 guitars, and after i asked him to take this picture of me with this guitar. was i being too obvious?

note for hilarity: i KNOW this is your bandanna. you can have it back next time i see you. or not. cause i really like it.


Technicolor Summer Party!

So not only do i get catered lunches but i get invites to stellar summer parties as well!

i know. i love this shirt too!

pretty unbelievable. mexcian fiesta. i would take a pic of the invite but jogee's cam died within 5 minutes of arriving, and then i borrowed kris king's and then his died and then i was subjected to blackberry photos!

and then i went on my phone for about 35 minutes. my phone is deadly at a party. texting/emergency gossip phone calls/last minute party you can get in without being on the guestlist the door people are too drunk now invites/and just plain voicemail checking. Butchie... if you ever get your ass to toronto I will make sure you are on the guest list.

and it's only 11:30pm. perfect weeknight bed time!

The Junction are recording a new album in NYC

my friends and secret crushes from back in the groupie days are in NYC partying like it ain't no thang. well not really but kind of. they are also recording a new album. you can see what they are up to here
or go to their myspace here

SEE they are on their computers right now waiting for you!


sambuca on baldwin.

i give it a 9 out of 10 for the food and price. about a 3 for one of the waitresses but a 9 for the other one. go there. the patio was the only empty one the other night during prime time which kinda throws people off obviously but holy crap look at how good this looks...

grilled calamari in some crazy sauce with olives and capers and some other shit, and side salad mixed greens and polenta and goat cheese.

grilled pear, spinach, mandarin, brie, not enough dressing though.

too full to even eat this but we did, could have used more sauce... but still wicked good crust. artichokes, endive?, sundried tomatoes, bocconcini.
so i've been dressing like a complete financial district douche bag the past couple days, and after going through all my "work clothes" it looks like i may need to drop a couple dolla dolla bills y'all.

having a catered lunch and getting to take leftover smoked salmon sandwiches home is a plus though. mmm yes.

oh that last pic isnt a leftover sandwich it's a raisin bun from some bakery on spadina and IAMFUCKINGINLOVEWITHTHESETHINGS.