H to the B Adam! belated post but the internet isn't about time. right? at least when im on it i have zero sense of time. like 6 hours could go by and jogee's bought 8 more magic cards and 2 more transformers and i'm still trying to catch up on fuckin tagged pics on fb (thanks a lot Hayley for showing me that little shortcut). Anywayss, rad rad evening out in the clubbing district. rare we hit that scene, but this patio was pretty siiiiiick. especially when the dj made his way up to our level and broke out the 90's hip hop dance partay. not to mention the bartenders and waitresses were fully feeding the vibe by giving us rounds of shots and 'forgetting' about charging us for drinks we downed in 7 seconds. The curls were out in full effect. rainy rain citay we're living in these days.

man that night was a good time. oh and adam i have those pics of those overweight lesbians doing eachother/themselves that you stole if you want them. i'll keep them in a safe place for you. don't worry. ;)

oh hey there 4 day weekend

4 days of doing whatever the heck I want? hummina hummina.

I can't take it anymore dudes, I am chopping off this hideous no haircut haircut of mine. not even kidding you a little bit. appointment is booked. cut is selected. It's happening. Brace yourselves.

I went for a tan today, and forgot to bring some sort of nipple coverage, so I fretted about how burned they were going to be but then I found these flower shaped post it notes in my purse and blam! Problem solved.


awwwwww hellll yeaaaah


they're still skateboarding.

We caught the tail end of the DEW skateboard tour on Sunday. I got all excited cause i saw the names Bob Burnquist and Bucky Lasek on the screen. Immediately brought me into a nostalgic Tony Hawk Proskater on Playstation 18 years old smoking blunts and no responsibilities spiral. I didn't even know these guys were still skating! Aren't they like 45 or something now? How do they do it? I was pleasantly stoked when Bucky took the prize. That guy should win on good looks alone.

I called my brother to see if he was watching but he was at the AGO with his little munchkin. I asked if she liked it and he said "well she looked at about 3 paintings and then she fell asleep for the rest of the afternoon" (she's 2 months old) I laughed for a good solid 3 minutes visualizing her looking at the paintings. Then we went and saw Away We Go.

sucked. maybe wait till it's on video or don't even bother.


new obsession

do i get a knock off? or is that just dirty?


ann hagen

I was at Jogee's work the other day, wasting some time, hanging out with the animators upstairs and one of them gets up from his desk to grab some water or something and my mouth drops open immediately. He was wearing some unbelievably hip denim that i felt an extreme overwhelming feeling to own. He said they were ann hagen . he bought them in copenhagan. for the love of god how do i get my hands on any of those pieces? HOW? Hannah , i know you know the answer to this question. you must contact me immediately.

check it. (could not for the life of me find a pic of the denim) insert overwhelming sigh here.

tub photoshoot

so ever since we moved into this palace i have been dreaming about doing a photoshoot in the tub. well guess what friends! it happened! last night! and although i only managed to get the boys in there for like 3 shots it was so fully worth it.

Hilarity and Paul and a little sweet pile of fur got down with us last night. pretty much exactly what i needed. I was still relatively hung from Thursday's unplanned gong show with the haylstorm that drinking beers in a stationary spot was all i was really capable of anyways.

my warning that "this isn't going to be a night where i stay up till 3am" didnt really pan out though. good thing i planted that seed in my head though, cause right when 3am hit i was like "alright that's enough i gotta shut'er down".

Jogee got his moment of glory when Paul asked about his transformers or actually maybe jogee just said "do you want to see my transformers?" and Paul was forced to be taken through the rubbermaid bin that is sitting in our fecking room that i have told jogee to move to the basement for 3 months now. but look how adorable they are.

i bet that bin doesn't move from that spot until we move from this house.

oh wu tang i love you

Wu-Tang Lego: Da Mystery of Chessboxin' from davo on Vimeo.

they should have a lego wu tang for ps3!

sweaty rooftop

I haven't really given'r on a Thursday in a while. I forgot how rad it can be. ya know? so close to the weekend, only have to work a half day on friday? why not drink 4 cosmos at a womens networking focus group thing and then pass a dutchie on the way to the wooden sky's rooftop show? WHY NOT? i know right? So good to live with a bestie . you always have a buddy to hang with. ANYWAYSS check out this awesome vibe.

reminds you of being 16 again, except the musicians are way better and you're not in their parents house. loved it. missed the whole actual rooftop part but fully made it for the encore in the living room part.

it was magical how perfect this night kind of fell together. I mostly say that because each time we needed a streetcar it was literally pulling up as we needed to hop on. timing was impeccable.