Black Hat Brigade does it again!

they just keep getting better those boys. sweet aj saved me from my loner pre drinking party and i went over to her place for some drinks before Black Hat Brigade at the Silver Dollar. sometimes when i go for walks i get this insane urge to go into random houses and see their decorating ideas. yawn. anyways aj and b really know how to make use of space and make it look fab. I also fell in love with an engagement ring one of her highschool buddies had just got. I took pics but you cant make out anything, so meh...I also took some pics from my imfamous jay reatard location kinda behind the band but they didnt really turn out so great, unless you are like totally into peoples backs...aj looked darling and i really like this pic of her and jogee.

and i love love love this pic below. friends from another life i swear!

oh and how perfect is it when a whole other group of friends are having a party just a crosswalk away! i wish jogee lasted this long in the night cause he could have taken pics of chlo and i KILLING the stage floor behind King while he was DJing. That boy is way ahead of his time i think. His sets are always so great and different and welcoming at the end of a night.

this bender has gotta take a backseat! gym greens sleep time. please rain for the next 3 days.
this is for you chloe. ps. i still have your brushes! i was going to save some for you to peel off but i just couldnt stop it was so intensely fulfilling.


today couldnt get any better

first i wake up to this...

i love you too jogee

and i go to this

and eat a cheeseburger and love it and screw everyone who bashes sex and the city. im a girl, i love fashion, i heavily believe in love, and who wouldnt want to live in manhatten and be incredibly successful and have tons of indisposable (wrong word?) cash to spend on beautiful clothes and meals? i recommend it, but def do not take your boyfriend or any hetero guy for that matter.

and then i picked up this amazing belt from some vintage store for the outfit im going to create in about 7 minutes

and picked up some sushi and sat down and watched oprah... i mean more star wars... i mean (insert cool hip show here)

can't wait for tonight! text/msg me and come!
KC and the Sunshine band were great company yet again last night and introduced me to more things annex. :) We killed it at Kilgours again and of course K had to pump it up a notch and buy us shots and beers. silly girl! I recommend the hummus and flatbread there. its 5.95 and filled me enough to be dinner worthy. and it was garlicrific. Paul appeared out of nowhere again...I hope thats his name. im horrible with names but i think im right with that one...i admitted to having pictures of myself with his band when i was 16 or 17 and that he may possibly be in them. I promise I'll dig up those pictures soon and scan them. they are fully worth it. then pool at las iguanas where im sure krista and i would have won if we weren't half cut already. I got a lot of walking in too, cause apparently cabs are allergic to me and dont exist on the streets i walk in toronto lately... but i made it to meet up with an incredibly intoxicated jogee, who i threw in a cab after a few paid for (by his sweet company) double rum and cokes, where he doesnt remember me making him sign the cab chit (sp?)and putting him to bed... I forgot my camera through all of this. so no pics for you suckas!
Hannah! as if you didn't tell me about this. I'm completely copying this babe and this babe (bookmark their blogs! they are young fresh fashionistas!) and urging all my friends and lovers to click this boot and vote "love it"

k dub

I miss Hellery on so many levels sometimes that it makes me incredibly depressed that we aren't killing the same city at the same time, so i said fuck it to a dollar thirty gas prices and spent 3 perfect hours being a fly on the wall in her office. er um on her driveway with chinese food and sun and Paul strumming every nerve i have. but in a good brother sister fighting kinda way.

I was gonna wait until tomorrow morning

but i think jogee is fully asleep and won't yell at me for typing steps away from his ears... so WE'RE IN THE CLEAR!

I don't know why i've been so delinquent lately. maybe cause im fully enjoying every second of the summer of alicia, i forgot this blog exists? damn im even forgetting my camera when i go out lately. appalling.

I have to admit I have a full blown crush on star wars. ever since that god damn lego game i have completely lost my mind over this shit. so the other night (i say other cause i honestly dont know what day it is lately)jogee and i rocked the second star wars. i even noticed it would be better in blue ray which means im obviously turning into some kind of tech nerd. omg that means more blog readers! but for reals i was fully into it, until i realized chloe was on her way over and the entire apt smelled like garbage and dinner and farts and red wine... so i made jogee stop it 10 mins to the end to do a quick clean up which was not welcomed but was successfully done... and im completely going off track here... so yes chloe, she arrived and we ripped it to the riv to catch make your exit (you guys know them right? i have linked them in the past. i hope you went!) and we met up with maryjane and then well walked into a completely crowded back room riv and loved every second of it. loved. every. second. of. it. i dont know why but they def give me a feeling of apostle of hustle kinda vibe maybe shit i dont know. perhaps i should myspace both bands right now and compare again? meh. i have not so good pics but its something.


whoa boy

(jogee) Was feeling pretty down today but I think the tables are turning! Got some romance in the works.... going to an open bar tonight....... and I just found out my lovely lady was just cast as Barbara Radding, some super hot bad ass space bitch in an upcoming flick. Check it out!



chloe and i had a painting date. i learned more then i would have learned in art fundamentals at some college I think. She is full of knowledge that little hot stepper. hot stepper haha what song is that from? I hadn't painted in probably 3 years, and i think our vision came together nicely. Actually it turned out almost perfectly. I may just have to add a little bit more texture. what do you think?

for 2 people that really hardly know eachother and the limited painting skills that i contributed, i think it's a warm addition to my walls. :)
i just wrote this incredibly personal post and then completely deleted it. i don't think im ready to go that far blog style yet. well ever actually. I kinda wonder what my kids and internet will be like. like will they even talk to eachother or will EVERYONE have a blog and they just read about eachother's lives and then occasionally meet up for dinner or something? meh...


i may have to add 6-9 (haha 69, just realized i did that, hahaah) step stoop to "things our dream house needs to have" list. oh and maybe set up some kind of scaffolding for rent deal whenever i have a party. uh yes.

Hannah, you're such a little monkey!

mmm thoroughly soaked in vodka. yes kevin yesssss

hey this guy is our neighbour!

props to the americans.

aaaaaannnd dance party with candice. so basically the perfect ending to the prefect night!