My brother got engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



i'm scared to change the passwords to all of my shit cause my fingers already know it when i get there. and imagine.... they had to stumble along the keyboard for more then 7 seconds? haha 7 seconds. dylan mckay. nice try dog. go back to bh, where i kissed your poster on my wall every night...eeeeeeee bad buzzz....let's put that in the make sure you don't mention it pile.


fancy footwork

22 degrees all night long? but i just went and bought sweaters for the next 3 weekends... and now i have to jog back through summer shit? good thing the c-dog made/coaked me into going through old rubbermaid... uhaul boxes of oldskees. and i found this classic out fit . oh aaaaaaaaaand hilary decided to make this little magic appearance at 12:30am. i love it when out of town friends want to fulfill your night with warm fuzzies! and then you see your bf whom you havent talked to all night cause you had a detour at jeff desilets friend's loft which is beside a meat factory somewhere near front and bathurst. and the loft is new but covered in greenery and records and comfort (a brown toilet and exposed brick walls) rad i cal. and now.....

and we met up with the infamous kk and ate nachos at sneaks. yum at 3am. i must say cheese has never been quite that good

weird im the blonde. that is a first. oh and i really can't handle how long it takes to upload "shoots" of my/our nights so im just gonna facebook that shit cause basically anyone who reads this is friends with us on stalkbook right?


high park = friggin zooradical!

(skeesh)we went to high park today with these cuties

we went to dufferin mall and bought a gigantic size frisbee and tossed it around until jogee had to halt the game to poo in the facilities that were in highpark. he was gone for 15 solid minutes! i even had to call him to make sure he was ok. he said he was building a nest for 5 minutes. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAH!!!!

then we found this ridiculously awesome zoo that had bison's! they were huge!

(jogee) everyone was laughing at me when i came back from the poofest. it was so embarrassing. :( but we were playing with a double the size of a real frisbee frisbee so it was siiiiick!


back to KD in 2 weeks.

(skeesh)I quit my job. and I don't have a new one. and i have a mortgage. and a car. and a sense of fashion. and like to eat a lot. any suggestions? I'll work at HM. I'm down with it. except I'll just end up spending all my money on $7 accessories. and seeing as i'll only be making that much an hour, i might need something a little more career esque. leads? help a girl out! i may drink 4-5 nights a week but i always go to work the next day. hows that for acheivements? and this will be the only thing i miss from my office.


canadian cory kennedy. i found her.

maybe i should review girltalk? or toronto hip to the sters? cause woh. jogee and i just fell into a wishing well of young vibrant fashion cuties... fuuuuuck, my wrinkles are bringing me down. too bad the ac at the phoenix was shot and everyone was in a pool of sweat allll night long.

where are the clippers? I'm not talking b-ball

mmmmmm i probably would.

ok just a little more for the photographers...



girl talk what!?

So Girl Talk tonight right, and im on msn and ZDeiv goes “ you mean girl talk the game?” oh man remember how rad that game was?

take a little gander at his old band! they're having a reunion tour!
wheels on the bus


clam soap

(jogee) skeesh, why does your soap look like a clam?


it's all going good?

(skeesh)this makes me want to stop drinking.

(jogee)this makes me want to keep on given'r

(Jogee) We managed to get free tickets to v-fest, went to Double K's to watch The Sandlot (best childhood movie ever)Took the boat over to the island and watched Bjork's set, then I just started milking skeesh's fingers like they were utters. It was magical.

(skeesh) I should have taken a pic of the loogie i just hacked. it was the size of a dried apricot. lost my voice - have a listen here. jogee forgot to mention king hooked us up with black jagermeister condoms. interesting.