jim-bob! you're cd collection put me in an old skool hip hop rap reggae spiral yo!

check it. the extendamix. "snoop doggy dogg, needa get a jobby job"

oh man this one is (high pitched voice) even better!!!!!
look up "sizzla-be strong" on youtube.

you can thank me later for this smooth jam.

oh man i kill me!

this is me at work right now. i forgot to hold my axe in the picture. I also have to admit i fully stole this from a friend's profile pic on facebook. Thanks Jeff Rogers!


oh linda and patti. i need to recreate these looks immediately.

that cat is supposed to be a rice krispy square. oh man i cant handle it!

this post brought to you by cuteoverload.com


we're off to buffalo this weekend for some BUFFALO BILLS tailgating and shopping and freezing our nards off, so that means no halloween parties for us kids. However, we aren't leaving until late on Friday so I'm going to try and milk the time i have for all its worth.

my halloween costume will be inspired by the following link my brother sent me about a week ago that i keep forgetting to post...



high tea with the mommy


its my mom's birthday this week. everyone wish her a happy birthday in my comments!

i took her on a magical adventure all day on Sunday. It could not have been more perfect. do you think if i set up my tiny apartment with cute little tables and fancy table clothes and bought a bunch of old time tea pots and kz made pin wheels sandwiches and i had cats roaming around you would pay like $10 for me to serve you tea all afternoon? cause i would pay for that. i might need to invest in a $10,000 chandelier though, and be able to make scones on the spot. and make people feel like they're royalty. maybe i should up it to $25, cause in reality its a bit more then that and probably not feasible for the average person EVERY weekend. i digress. (i think that's the first time i have actually written "i digress" on my blog)

They serve the scones with cream and greaves jam. my mom loves greaves jam. and i love the cream. actually i would like to bathe in that cream and lick it off of my self. woo your welcome for the mental image. i also enjoyed how the waitress lady offered hot water on a regular, so you didn't feel like you needed to hurry. very very chill atmosphere. they had 2 very different rooms that joined. both had a unique feel about them. i would probably request the purple velvet room next time to toss it up.

love you mom, i hope you have a great actual birthday day. i hope you get a kitten!


not a HUGE mega fan of crystal castles, but decided to hit up circa last minute to check it. my broski's friends were going and they are always a guaranteed good buzz so i gchatted chlo and got her in the groove and BAM we were there. well almost. minus the slight shitty dealio at the door. oh and the 17,000 19 year olds in line that were obviously binge drinking before the show. haha. we were there. holy feel like your in fast forward. Whenever i go to that place, it is just way too overwhelming and distracting and mental and ridiculous and ugh not a good buzz. im definitely better in small club atmosphere. me in circa is like watching a monkey trapped in a cage on speed. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. anyways i think i heard a couple of their songs, and i think i might have danced for about 5 minutes but the rest of the night was all about finding people and rooms and trying to get reception on your phone and getting soaking wet in their crap smoking section...but then bumped into craiggreg/lost chlo in a moving cab and ended up at the done right inn for last call. let's just say Saturday at that 7th wedding of the year was INTENSE. no more circa unless thom yorke is doing a solo show and im on the guest list.

woo! ok grocery shopping time...

this error code could mean the end of my blogging.
ah sunday nights... movies and popcorn and slowly peeling jogee off the couch from watching football all gd day. ;) love you honey!

where shall we begin friends? Monotonix? Broskowski was a doll and invited us to his place for a beer and some guitar hero. we finally got to chat and get to know each other in stead of pour beer on one another and smoke our faces off. it was lovely and of course the view was purrrrrfect. clear clear skies. Monotonix was a bit of a rip off though. i think they played for 10 minutes. maybe 20. and did their usual outdoor fiasco...but then everything just kind of stopped. and the night was done. and i was in bed way before i had anticipated. meh. jogee was on the ball though and snapped some goodies...

just gettin the lights set up... peep his duct tape shoes. hel-lo go to china town brother! you can probably get 5 pairs of shoes for the cost of that duct tape you bought.



WHAT THE HELL THESE PICS ARE ALL OUT OF ORDER. blogger you are driving me mental!!! and why aren't you loading when i clock publish post?!