do you guys love ryan adams? i hear he has this psycho cult following? just wondering if i'd be interested in joining. i guess i could just google the sob but i was hoping i could get some dramatic over the top explanation about why he's so dreamy/edgy/geeky?

is that him?

Thanks for taking these fil . i need to work on my stage faces. this one is hideous.

Went to Dirty Dancing with my moms yesterday. I LOVED the movie, so i bought us tickets for her birthday. it was so so so so so so rad. And the dude that played Johnny was a total babe. facewise im not really sure but body wise he was ripped in all the right places. i highly highly recommend it and if you need a date, take me!

we both agreed that mom and daughter dates are highly underrated and we need to have more of them. I need ideas friends!


we were carless last night so all of our glorious plans of going to KW and partying with Qatalyst were shot. :( frustrating. very frustrating. i hope you guys can come on Monday for makeyourexit . try hard!

after being sick all week i kinda took that as a sign to stay in and rest but then Raym's invited us to the Theory of a Deadman Juno schmoozefest at the Gibson showroom. free drinks and fully catered! I couldn't resist! i am being serious here, i know theory of a deadman isn't really our scene but free drinks and food are, and raymi and fil are always a guaranteed good time so ya know you take the good with the bad. and really, theory of a deadman weren't even that bad. they are good musicians, and seem like really nice guys and i knew all of their songs so whatevs.

home by 11, not drunk and got enough sleep to dance my ass off in The Framework video shoot today! Are you free from 1-5 today and live in toronto and are hot and hip and own black and white clothes. you can come too. comment here!
jogee just said i look like my buddy

no sex for him tonight!


thanks for noticing i dyed my hair guys.
jogee can you get me this lion?

i want these

owen/casey satayer.

this chick was the biggest bitch/im too cool for you door person ever.ever! hel-lo you're taking my ticket to an owen show for fuck sakes. get over yourself.

im funny. pretty much only to erin. at the elmo. on a thursday. ok nevermind im also funny many other times. I really really can't wait to tell you all about Courtney's wedding and how jealous I am of it and how unbelievably babelicious she is and how much she makes me laugh.

erin and i have devised a plan and it is going to be monumental and legendary and overthetop and better then any other idea we have come up with in the past. if we get our shit together I might tell you about it. (erin, i am emailing you the texts i texted myself later)
didn't know the director yet
still don't really know the director
in love
reaction to the guys that were in love with us all night but didnt even make a move to talk to us.
good/suicidal stamp

also....i met an old friends new gf tonight and she is perfect for him and i can't think of anyone better right now then her for him. and she's hot. and smart. and cool. yessssss. looooove it. I will keep her picture secret for the time being, she is incredily recognizable. in toronto atleast.

qatalyst: we're coming tomorrow (friday) be over your hangover. for 8ish. going to dan's first. getting art done. coming with dessert.

jogee just yelled at me for typing. gotta go!

bathroom photo's brought to you by raymi.


hey mon‏
From: Jogee
Sent: March 27, 2008 4:21:49 PM
To: skeesh

Hey Darlin' I was gonna go to the hairy tarantula after work today cause they have a sale going on. So,I was thinking I could meet you somewhere on yonge st.and we can go out for dinner. Are you interested??

oooo party! where should we eat??


we made it to The Boom last night. sooooooo fuuuuuunnny!!!

i have to admit sometimes those things can be hit or miss but last night they were on fire. i think they have a myspace. you should check it.

oh and im sick right now, stuffy nose, headache, pains, tired, throat sore, blah. and i have to blow some glass for 4 hours. check ya later homies!

this thing


jogee is building ikea furniture right now. HOLY SHIT IT TAKES SO LONG TO BUILD IKEA FURNITURE. they need to put time estimation on ikea furniture. like when you're cooking and they say: prep time 10 mins... cooking time 30 mins...

taking out of the box time: 10 mins
building time: 4 days

I'm dressing up as death in case you were wondering. holy i need a tan!
i really really like mos def, despite the fact that he made the worst movie of the year (be kind rewind)

i forgot.. we went to margarita's on Baldwin last night and i give it a 2 out of 5. the food wasn't as good as sneaky dee's, the prices weren't as good as sneaky dee's, however, the 2 glasses of Sangria I had were unbelievable. I will place it in the "only go there for drinks in the summer" column. sorry no pictures, i forgot to put the battery in the frigging camera.
we went to this last night. check out her website here . Rad to see young hipsters being proactive and making things happen.

we only stayed for one $2 drink cause a) it was Monday and b) I wanted to catch my friend Eric's new band at dee's for 11pm. He only played 2 songs but it was nice to see some different live music for a change. he always manages to impress me with something completely off the wall and cute and adoring..and bumped into Jackson, from The Junction (they are great! check them out) and I'm pretty positive some of the boys from meligrove were there too. Jogee bought a shirt from pterodactyl . or I mean I bought Jogee a shirt from pteradactyl. It fits him perfectly. yum!

Tuesday morning humour


start the countdown. this show is going to be siiiiiick.


Which couch should we get?

can you guess which eggs were mine and which ones were jogee's?