my bronchi are swollen

the bronchit is back. crept up on me a couple days ago, but played it smart and canceled all plans until Saturday, worked from home this morning and drank more then my weight in fluids. Gingered it up like maaaaad and overdosed on cold fx. I think I may have fought it off. please pray for me.

I also made it to Iryna at Ritual and was waxed in under 10 minutes. that woman is off the charts by far the best waxer in the city. I will continue to say that as often as possible. she's got mad skills.

another hour and half and I will bail on hot yoga tonight, pop in a felicity dvd, pick up a bottle of wine and have myself a lovely blizzard induced stay at home evening. Jogee is missioning it to Niagara Falls to hang with the rippers and drink a 2-4 for his buddies 30th. WOOOOO GAMBLING AND NAKED BABES!! too bad i wasn't invited. I would for sure have the full blown bronchitis though if I went.

alright time for some summer daydreaming...


February 24

Jimmy and I went to dollarama, picked up some poster board and markers, hit up mcdicks, ate a big mac (omg how good are big macs?), discussed what I should put on my sign, then sussed out our seats and I got to work on this beautiful piece of art.


bristol board. i need it.

I'm going to the raps game tonight with Jimmer, courtesy of jogee's bestie Anthony. I am going to try and touch Calderon again. but more importantly i am going to make a sick sign and get on the jumbotron. do they still call it the jumbotron? that is such a funny word! what the hell should my sign say?

I love you Calderon! - overdone obvi but to the point.

Let me kiss your ankle better Bosh! - too many words.

Hire me to wipe the sweat off the floor! - funny! (and honest)

Break out the Salami and Cheese! - I'll hide this one until the right time obvi.

I need suggestions. like right now cause we're leaving in 2 hours. GO!

dancing at work

happened today when this song came on. and then i emailed hayley and told her to make sure its on her wedding playlist.

getch your back up off the wall!

unknown number




If I never talk to you on facebook or look at your pictures or send you messages or basically have any type of communication with you at all and vice versa, is it ok for me to delete you as a friend?

I say YES.

Then why do these people that i have had zero communcation with on that thing add me again and again after i delete them again and again. You think the point would be taken.

I like to keep my friends list concentrated. Saves me from going through lists and lists of friends when making invites, saves me time when reading through my live feed, eliminates unnecessary bullshit spamming crap, etc etc.

What do you guys do in this situation? Am I being a bitch? like i could just hide them in my feed but i don't even see the point of having them on there when i don't even communicate with them ever.

on that note, i am going to go delete some people now..


KZ making things happen.



we finally started packing! we're preeeeetty much done. except for the basement. and the kitchen. and our bathrooms. so not really done at all. but there are boxes everywhere and all the frames are off the walls so it feeeeels like it. OH IM SO EXCITED!!!

and we hired movers this time. there was no way i was moving any of that shit again.

send me decorating ideas!


off the chaaaaaaaaaaaaarts

so much fun last night. so much!

and i added to my photo project!


triple destination fantastication!

FRIDAY WHATS UP! I have a ridiculous amount of events to attend this evening sans jogee (siiiigh giver on the slopes you mega babe). Good thing the last 2 are across the street from one another or my cab fund would be off the charts.

1. A little engagement soiree for Jim Bob and Beaner. I am to bring food. If you saw what Hayley made me do last night for her dish she's bringing you will understand why i am buying a bag of cookies on my way and calling it a day.

2. Chali 2na at Revival! guaranteed to be straight up dope.

3. Celebrating this bag full of positive vibes birthday at Mod Club.

god i hope I'm home by 2am.


suspension bridge.

apres ski (how do you put an accent on the e?)

This was a completely magical day. just look at that weather. solid sunshine, clear blue skies. it was perfect. that caesar that i had was pretty unbelievable. i could have done without the chunks of horseradish but def a 9 for taste and spicyness. Matt! Markus! I miss you! wanna drink a beer this weekend somewhere? We tried to find a spot to build a sick fort around here (none of us were boarding/skiing, lift tickets are 60 bucks bro! that's ridiculous. what kind of family can afford a day on the slopes. honestly? actually matt and i had a pretty good tete a tete (accents? how?) about family vacations when we were younger. the general consensus was that only rich kids went on skiing vacations. hence the $60 lift tickets. plus the rental/purchase of your gear and winter get ups ain't 9.99 yo.

completely unrelated: my dad did us a huge solid and picked up all our moving boxes and wrapping paper tonight. even drove me back to the T dot so i didnt have to carry them in my granny cart on the subway. that's love people. family love. :) so now i guess we have no excuse. fuck. who wants to come over and reminisce (totally had to google the spelling of that word, i was waaaaaaaaay off) with me while i pack away last season's trendy duds, my diaries, jogee's collection of fantasy novels, our cds (ugh cd cases are the WORST) and the 10 000 pnds of glassware we have in the kitchen? I will supply you with sarcastic remarks, smoothies and probably some shirts i only wore once. we can also take a break to watch felicity. OMG HOW GOOD DOES THAT SOUND?


see what im saying about SPRING

necessary manicure.


i want it to be spring. my fashion blood is boiling. i don't know how i feel about this whole super lightweight leather action. will i still sweat? how breathable is it? im guessing not at all. unless you go this route. which i am totally willing to try.

also, this picture is awesome. i am going to recreate it when i get home. we have all the props!

i'm also on the verge of asking jogee to teach me how to play Magic. ON. THE. VERGE.