i don't know why i do this to myself.


the shit dont stink

well not as bad anyways. Megatron and Spaghetti were the lucky recipients of a purina maxx scoop package from matchstick a couple weeks ago. It came with a 'poop palace' aka the cozy corner litter box, a litter catch mat, a boatload of treats, a scooper and holder and coupons for free boxes of litter!

Originally jogee had just bought litter pans for them - ie. dollar store plastic boxes - they're just little guys, we didnt feel the need to splurge. However, after a couple weeks of having their poo out in the open i was losing my friggin mind. and then BLAM! i get a package at work with this fancy thang

dope. aside from it having a broken handle on the left side when we set it up, this thing has changed our lives in the poo smelling department. locks all the stank in and luckily the kittens were super down with the idea of a cave with a door to drop their deuces in.

I can now after 2 weeks of having this new litter box say that it's amazing.

AND the litter mat that they gave us was awesome too. totally catches the litter on their little paws when they hop out of there.

AND the litter is by far the best litter we've tried. no word of a lie and i'm not even trying to big up the product. We tried multiple kinds (no name litter, presidents choice eco friendly litter (worst one), some other brand of litter) before purina sent us the coupons for theirs. Clumps nicely, reduces the stank by about 40% and is easy to scoop out of the box. BUT we still havent tried the 'small spaces' one cause they are constantly sold out at our neighbourhood grocery store.

it would have been siiiick if they sent us someone to vacuum our bathroom everyday too though.

Thanks Purina and Matchstick!


i hear ya got the fever for the flavour

sangriaaaaaa kabobs

last night was good times. ripped it to Sarah's. got down with her peeps. solid hang times. as much as i dont want to repeat myself - cause i probably said this 3 times last night but i felt OLD. funny how that just creeps up on you like that. katie assured me that im still holding it down like a 22 year old though so that's reassuring. i watched 5 minutes of the hills before i had to bounce. that show is somethin else. i know a lot of people have a major hard on for it though so im going to hold back the slander. i wanted to hit up 751 on my way home to get a feel for the dudes that keep it real there. not for my sake but for a handful of girlfriends that keep telling me i need to go there with them to scope out the boys they've been drooling over as of late. I picked up craig and we found a sick booth in the corner and got into a heated debate about men and women and feminism and stay at home dads and then it got a little too heated and we kinda left after saying some things we shouldn't have. thank god for bbming, cause it was all cleared up within 5 minutes and we were buds again. everyone needs a good heated convo every now and then though. throw a little gas on the fire. BLAM!

then i ran home. seriously. i ran. i hope i worked off a beer or 2. and then i crawled into a bed full of kittens that were totally stealing my spoon position. I let them have it though. boyfriends and kittens. you need to let that happen when it's happening.

forgot my camera at sarah's though so no pics for you guys until later.

you can look at these instead. hayley's been throwin them my way all morning.

hayley's gonna make them sleeping bags this week. and we are going to take them camping. i should probably buy them little backpacks and walking sticks.



i've had a bad taste in my mouth for the past 24 hours. (not because of what i ate) I'm hoping to get rid of it tonight by hanging with some young fly females in liberty village. Jogee already did a pretty good job last night and also sent me a text today that was exactly what i needed. but it's creeping up on me again and i think all i need is some young, fresh, free, unbiased, nonjudgmental, naive, innocent thinking.

megatron is giving me the sexy eyes right now. that's also helping.

and as someone that can admit to not thinking before saying things sometimes (a lot of the time) i'm trying to just brush it off, not think anything of it and carry on business as usual.

also -
i found out something today by accident that is going to change things up a bit in my life a couple months from now. its a good thing so be excited for me.

omg save me from the emo youtube search im about to get down with right now.



express yo self

i need to have a photo shoot with that exact set up.
i also need to have some labels made with my name on them. and then im going to sew them into all the clothes i own.

bow down.

thumbs up!

if i lived in LA, I would probably go to this. actually, not probably. definitely.


take a look, it's in a book, it's reading rainbow

First Book Club meeting was fabulous. the girls were rad, the food was DELICIOUS, the wine was never ending and the book was meh. in my opinion anyways. but i also only read half of it. so slow and boring. but after hearing about the ending - i might actually read the rest of it.

we had technology happening at an all time high and skyped one of the members in. solid.

what do you even do at a book club meeting? obvi talk about the book. we had a pretty laid back structure of it all - but basically we went around the room and people gave their opinions about the book - what they liked, didnt like, were confused by, thought wasn't needed, thought was unlikely, thought was well written, thoughts. Then we had a question sheet as back up when the conversation started to go off topic. once we had all dished/bitched about everything book related we ate and drank and gabbed our faces off. SO GOOD. i can't wait to pick a book and host one of the nights! stoked! I'm an adult!

sorry - duh, the name of the book might be pertinent in this post.

the girl with the dragon tattoo by stieg larsson. can't say i'll be rushing out to get the next in the series.

The next book we're reading is... is... shit. i can't remember. I'll get back to you guys on this.

totally down with the book club though. I was a reading maniac before i realized what beer and fashion and boys were. I missed it. glad im back on board. i don't even want to think about all the amazing books i've missed after all these years. there were some attempts last summer. I think i borrowed 10 books from 10 different people and then read half of all of them and gave up over and over cause they just were doing it for me. Raym's - i read your post. i have your book safe and sound. i'll give it to you next time you're in my hood. :)

now i just need a craft club. i really really want a craft club. who's in? 1 night a month. someone brings a craft and teaches us all how to do it and then we do it and then you give it to someone you love. shit i still need to make 3 things for Hilary, Krista and Hayley. am i missing anyone?

that's it im sending out the fb event right now. craft club REPRESENT.


Jordans for life.

i made a last minute change before i missioned it down to the kool haus the other night. THANK GOD. cause the original outfit was much tighter and heels were involved and i would have froze. 'comfy cool' as jogee would say. it always works. (but thanks for hanging in my room and helping me pick a fit and telling me i look hot beaner!)

here's a tiny clip of xx. sexy.

55 secs is a nice part.



kitten pictures. do i even need a title for this?

keeping it

tickets can look weird sometimes. i gotta scan the ticket from the live bull fighting i went to in Spain in 2000. i bet that ticket looks sick. there's probably a bull on it. obvi.