ok okok just one more, this one was just too fUnKy to resist!

i was really into these songs at some point in my life...

oh man that last one the most!!!

wtf! and weird?

stella ella ola

lol do you remember this ?

i can't hear the sound in this video. i hope its funny!


my faves

i know im late on this but whatever... oh man i cant wait for the oscars!

loved both of these. drew's hair was a bit intense, but she rocked that dress pretty hard.

laura and ben

i just don't get it? like how did they meet? do they have kids together?

Vegetarians beware!!!!

Listen, I love vegetables just as much as the next 8 year old but this meat dish takes the cake for one of the greatest meat concauctions I've ever seen.

The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes

My fav line "Obviously pork is best served by itself, but if you feel the need to make this meat monster into a sandwich, try placing a couple Bacon Explosion slices on a warm Pillsbury’s Grands Biscuit."

I just had a heart attack making this post.

packing moving packing packing

2 more days friends. i will actually have a bathtub and dishwasher again. oh the things you people take for granted.

its not like any of those. still amazing though.

i would show you a bunch of radical dishwashers now but they aren't half as exciting. am i getting old? im looking at friggin home renovation websites!



went to raymi's last night and had a few beers (on a weeknight i might add, a rarity these days) where i learned two things that will forever change my life.

1. you can pause, rewind, fast forward etc with rogers on demand. WTF I NEVER KNEW THIS EXISTED UNTIL NOW. like i knew you had 24 hours or whatever to watch your movie but i didnt know you had capabilities with a regular dvd/bluray/whatever. totally blew my mind. jogee didnt even know this and he's a tech savvy geekoid. i told him when i got home. he didnt appreciate it as much as i thought he would.

2. when pinning people with your blackberry, all you have to do is hover over the name to see the time of the last message. another friggin thing i have been losing my mind over for a year and never knew how to do. ridiculous i tell you, just ridiculous.

we watched hamlet 2. i was digging it until the end when they do the friggin musical part. i am sooooo not into musicals. especially in movie form.

then i sprinted home. it's all down hill so my legs were moving faster then i intended so i got home in like 5 minutes (it took 20 to walk there) and i even managed to catch some pics on the way...

check out this art installment in the snow. heavy.

i love that the sidewalks are all free of ice and snow now. too bad we're getting another 10 cm's of friggin bullshit tonight. but man oh man makes my walk to and from work a hell of a lot less stressful.

here are some really scary things that would have given me a panic attack if i was stoned.

oh and i can't believe i havent blogged about this yet. MY GLOVES. i found these babies at winners at the very beginning of the winter. they were like finding me lucky charms at the end of the rainbow. mmmmm lucky charms.... but seriously. note the detail:

1. stylus on the middle finger for a nintendo DS
2. heat activated less thick leather at the tip of the pointer finger for ipod usage
3. velcro holes that you can pop your thumbs out for texting.

serious about tachnology these gloves are.


Happy birthday Andrew!

we went to the hideout last night for a coupla hours to get down for andrew's bday. jogee and i went there like 2 years ago and saw this classic rock cover band and it was kinda one of the best nights of our lives, so you can imagine how stoked i was when we walked in and it was the SAME BAND! except we couldnt handle the crowdedness in front of the stage and jogee's arm was on fire so we kinda missed their whole set. sigh. i also messed around with my semi new camera (jogee's sister gave me her old one) and found this sick setting that i am pretty into right now. or was last night anyways. woo! i like the hideout. its a pretty scuzzy bar and there's a lot of lamo 905'ers that roll over cause of the line at Tattoo, but the drinks are cheap and they have a good sitting/standing/stage/couches option for whatever mood you're in. however, they have the most disgusting barf smelling bathrooms in toronto. like ever. something must have died somewhere down there and they still havent found it. i have no idea how the coat check people survive down there.

woh i am overwhelmed.

tattoo bandage garbage.

woh this photo is kind of x rated.

intensity in ten cities.


waxed my beav

this morning, well I didn't but Iryna did at ritual on king. GO THERE. this chick is not human. its also pretty wack that she looks at a million different cooney's and brown eyes/balloon knots a day. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. but she is definitely good at what she does. i was in and out of there in like 20 minutes. then i walked home and bought a new scarf for 2.99. jogee needs new gloves cause he lost them on my birthday party night (hella bad buzz) and i cannot find any men's gloves anywhere! winners was sold out and queen street has nothing. throw me a fricken bone here!

we went to sassafraz last night for some drinks. i was cursing myself inside for not bringing my camera. that place is gorgeous. obviously retardedly expensive. well not really actually. my pint of hoegarden only cost like $8.00 and then i had another half pint for $5.00. and i didnt pay for it! so hell yeah i would go there again.

we're babysitting my papa's dogs so we had to get an early night. they still pissed all over the place though. crazy anxiety ridden pooches.

we'll be out on the town tonight for a birthday party/cracktown party/loft party so text me if you feel like freezing your nards off with us.

love you guys!

HOLY SHIT! i almost forgot! Jogee is getting his sleeve done today (no colour just outline) so he will likely be in major pain tonight. be a doll and buy him a drink or something. or buy me a drink cause im the one that's gonna have to baby him for a solid week.


oh phil

if you had to pick your favorite genesis song which one would you choose? that's all? no son of mine? jesus he knows me? in too deep? i know i would struggle with this one. my dad was pretty slick back in the day and took us to at least 3 genesis concerts and probably like 6 phil collins shows. but i specifically remember he took us to them in his bronze RX7 with bucket seats. man i really didn't realize until now how cool my dad was.

haha i just texted him to find out what model it was

1987 Mazda RX 7 GX 2 plus 2 - geez why do cars have such retarded names? lets see if i can find a pic for you guys...


i cant get enough of this video, i get all teary every friggin time!


i just got this text from jimmer :

"I walked by today and got a pant full of bone"

and you will know exactly what he's talking about in approx 2 weeks. omg i can hardly contain myself!

obama internet live feeds

for the love! why is it so difficult to just keep a live stream running? here is a list of live feeds from horrible to decent

CP24 - i dont think they even have a live feed i cant find it!
CNN - worst crappiest live feed ever. i think i heard 5 words in 10 minutes. so choppy.
MSNBC - slightly better, but only the sounds continued and the picture froze
BBC - THE WINNER!! best feed ever! no choppiness, full obama speech, zero interruptions.

i will use this feed for any big time news going forward.

i love you obama. you are the best public speaker on the planet.

i don't know about this poet business.... i can't tell if my live feed is going choppy on me or this lady doesn't know how to speak?

i cant wait to see what beyonce is wearing to sing that etta james song. hopefully baby phat lost out and dior won the styling...


ahoy hoy

i have been in a birthday haze for the past few days... turns out teppanyaki is the most radical dining experience ever. i highly recommend it. and if you live in toronto, go to Yamato. waaaaaaay better then Benihana's (so i've heard) and totally affordable and the service was excellent. i was a very happy girl. and i didnt even let the fact that like 15 people cancelled within 48 hours before dinner. kinda worked out in my favor though because the tables were all perfectly filled with all my favorite peoples. :)

i was hungover enough for atleast 5 small people yesterday. also enough to keep me away from drinking for a good 2 weeks. totally worth it though. also totally worth making out with jogee hardcore in the bar on a stool in front of everyone. oh man. ohhhhhhh man. we still got it!