Happy Birthday Bananer!

Aaaa-mazing weekend whats up! definitely worth the 5 hour anxiety attack i had all day today. vodka rockstars check ya later man, i just can't party with you anymore.

fully stole these pics from 3 of hearts


a couple questions for you...

a) how rad do i look in glasses?
b) how much do kz and i look alike?
c) how much am i going to miss chlo ?

a) pretty friggin rad
b) i don't see it! well ok i kinda see it.
c) a ridiculous amount. :(

no more of this bar hopping on a Tuesday dudes. i barfed at work again! like not on my desk or anything.. i made it to the ladies room just. in. time.

the bathrooms at the dakota have tampons! haha

should i have bought these pants? they look slick. and they felt like butter and my beehind looked pretty unbelievable in them... but value village priced them at $10. which i think is facking bullshit.


i've got a wicked case of seasonal affective disorder right now. I'm hoping more cruise pics will help cause i can't fathom going out to some specialty store to buy one of those lamps/lights. i couldn't figure out why i was feeling like a total bag of shit, and then i realized it's been the colour grey outside for the past 5 days and its cold and wet and my skin is dry and its dark out when i wake up and jeez people give me some comments saying you feel the same. plus my hair is in the betweeny stage and i just know im gonna snap and cut it all off again. fack.


braless wonder

i would like to announce that as of about a month ago i have to wear bras with about 90% of my clothing. i was never a bra person, pretty much ever. i literally had 4 bra's that have been sitting in my dresser drawers for a good 8 years that would come out on special occasions or days when i had meetings at work but generally my teets were always so perfectly perky that a bra really did nothing for me. and guess what?! those suckers are losing there gusto. and im finding that i actually look better in a bra. i know can you believe it?

i did get away with it on the weekend though. at the final wedding of the year that we rsvp'd to. if you have been counting... i think that's 8. don't worry i plan on doing an entire post on which bride i thought was the prettiest, which had the best food, which had the best venue, which had the best bridesmaids dresses, which had the best ceremony/reception set up, etc... oh won't that be a good one!

anyways back to the braless wonder on the weekend...

it has been broughten.

and check out jogee's before and after...

perfectly put together.

and after

spot the difference?

also best winter coat award goes to caitlin. ohmygawd iloveit

oh the bride! the bride!