heeeeellllooooooooooooooooo CHINA TOWN!

i just spent 21 dollars. and this is what i got. holy shit china town! you blow me away every time! and jogee got a misfits mesh back hat too!

does anyone feel like coming over and cleaning my floors for me? i'll feed you Jamaican patties!!!!

we went out for Adam's Birthday on the weekend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM!!! hit up Levack block. (thats 2 weekends in a row for me, i know) I'm like a regular. oh and both times Ian from Billy Talent was there. no point. but for all my 19 year old readers im giving you valuable information. i hated what i was wearing half way to the liqour store so i hit up forever 21 and bought a couple new shirts. (see pictures below for one of them, how nautical...) it was a pretty rad night. i even managed to sneak a bottle of jack daniels in with me, and only buy coca colas all night. SICK. my budgeting skills are finally coming to fruition.

There are A LOT of pictures. prepare yourself now...

and then Drew sang to me, like we were in rock of love. amazing. i think he missed his calling?!

oh what a good night. we even ordered pizza from red charcoal (dundas and university ish). unbelievable. take note torontonians. best pizza in the city. i would know. my boyfriend is italian. hel-lo! oh and they have amazing cheeseburgers too. and onion rings. and garlic bread.



ok last one! what the hell. natalie tell me what it is about him? i dont get it?

i know i know. but its soooooooo good


Apparently the telephone popcorn thing is fake.

(jogee) Sorry if you've already seen this or heard of it (Rayms, I will eventually find something on the internet before you! maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but someday, my at work internet surfing will pay off) but I just saw it today and thought it was pretty....... crazy/weird/interesting..... scary?

maybe i should switch my scene to fashion?

ha! my scene. i dont even really know what that is? do you? im sure you do... comment for the love! so fashion yeah? nah. im about 30 pounds overweight for that shit. caitlin however seems to be making a name for not only her artist peeps, but herself. congrats on your shout out you little babe. don't forget about that flight to milan you owe me 7 years from now. k!
this lady is not afraid to rock whatever that jacket was in whatever year it was. ugh mom please take notes here. DO NOT EVER WEAR THIS JACKET OR ANYTHING THAT RESEMBLES IT.

yes i want your jeans.

this chick was unbelievable. perfect beautiful amazing shouldn't be on a shitty toronto runway.

and then i came home and jogee was in the exact same spot i left him fully and still (i've been blogging for a good 25 minutes) in the same spot on the couch in the same spot of obilivion that i left him in. i think i should buy him one of those cheat books already. are they expensive?

oh and sidenote. the junction failed to add me to the guest list tonight for their mod club show. say goodbye to my links on the side boys... i pity the fool!
mmmm jambalaya. jogee and i (mostly just jogee) are really cracking down on the no drinking during the week going to the gym and making succulent meals all week thang. this week was quite successful i must say. just check out this jambalaya we made. shrimps plus bistro express tomatoe and basil rice plus green pepper plus onions plus a little tomatoe sauce plus bbq'd sausage plus hot sauce = tasty x 8000

and we made it team style.. ya know... someone cuts the veggies and satay's then while the other one thaws the shrimp and bbq's the sauaseeg and you get the point. we ate within 10-15 minutes so basically effing unbelievable. especially after ripping it at the gym for an hour. oh yes. ohhhhhhhh yes. and we even followed up with a little comedy at the supermarket with the boom. check that shit yo. it is hilarious.


oh yeah so the rogers picnic... it rained like a bitch all day but we managed to make the most of it AND my hair didn't go that curly (it is naturally ridiculously curly. yes i flat iron it every day) and we also bumped into some wickedly cool people who made us laugh in the beer arear pretty much all afternoon. I made jogee wear his rain boots so we matched purrrrrrfectly (ha! ever so lamely is more like it). those boots were worth it, it was a god damn mud storm everywhere!

we met some new friends! hi new friends! and then i bought the best of sizzla in that stupid music van thing ( i love sizzla!) and then we posed for some durex sex in the shower thing where you could win $1000 and get free condoms. yay!

and then we went home and had the worst hangover at work ON A MONDAY ever. but we've gone to the gym and went to bed before 10 for the past 2 days so we're all back to normal. :)