Catch ya on the flipside! we're off on a magical journey to the north!



so bitchin!

destroying sand transformers

the blogger video thing for this is shit. this video looks amazing on facebook.



Jogee said my hair is getting long today. that means its actually getting longer. cause, he sees me everyday, so for him to actually stop and notice and make a comment, that's progress (i found that thought very hard to grammatically compose. i decided to just use a bunch of commas). it's still in it's really hideous, what kind of hair cut are you going for? short but not mid length yet kinda mullety stubby pony tail too many bobby pins stage though. which is worse then i could have ever imagined. but i will endure. maaaaaaaan i hope it's worth it.


i made Noah take my picture in front of this store so I could remember the name of it. I walk by it every once and awhile and stop and embrace how cool and crisp and clean it looks. I would buy everything in there if I was a lawyer and made tons of duckets. i guess i don't really need to be lawyer, just someone who makes tons of duckets. and on goes my obsession with men's fashion as of late.


jay spectre in disguise

well one of the guys from jay spectre anyways...

actually Jimmy I think you should probably wear this get up for your show on July 4th.

i know we won't be there to witness it because we will be fishing or hiking or drinking brews or being really canadian in the NWT, but you should still do it. costumes at shows are always a guaranteed success.


these guys

are getting some pretty snazzy reviews these days.

heya! itsa mea mario!


my anthem for the summer

Dead Prez performing Summer Time @ Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival '09, Brooklyn, NYC on June 20th, 2009.

better sounding version