i'm pretty!

but seriously.

i'm pretty.

ps. look how pretty i am!


finally. it happened. someone (i love you chris) invited us to their cottage!!

rolled in around 11pm and jumped right into the shit show.

then when it was time for bed, jogee tossed these over to me and said "look i bought us his and her toothbrushes!" cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

I brought a remote control car!

it was a piece of shit. we built a ramp for it. then i played with it for about 5 minutes and then i was over it. i should have spent the extra 10 bucks for a better one.

look at all the amphibians we hung out with!

and dead butterflies!

bocce ball! i always hated this game/sport (what is it? a game or a sport?) I think it's a game. IT'S SO BORING. but lately i have become a pretty big fan. i think it might have to do with beer though. drinking beers should be in the rules for that game.

then we almost died on this boat ride!

it doesn't look like it from these chill pics but my back is totally mangled from the air we caught on this thing. i was also holding on for dear life so my hand is also mangled. fun times! not really. sorry bryan and aj! but we warned you to stay away from the boat rides. even though a couple hours later i was like "wanna go on a boat ride?! let's go!"

awwww all tuckered out.

and here are some miscellaneous photos because i feel brain dead right now and can't be bothered to caption anything else.

the last of the OG KFC's.

we didn't eat there.

but we ate here!

i give the crust 4 sardines out of 5!

i give that weekend an 11!

turn up the good, turn down the suck! omg i hope we get fubar 2 in our TIFF picks.



met up with matt and phil and markus and markus's rat tail the other night to catch a flick at YDS. i have no idea what movie we watched cause all i could think about was smartfood but i was too lazy to find a convenience store and buy some. good times though. i wish we took in those flicks more often this summer. meh. there's always 2011.

loooooong meeting in the west today. when i touched down at my digs i downed 2 beers immediately. it was that kind of day. long. intense. my outfit was way too business, it needed an untuck around 10am. we weren't even in the meeting yet!

and now... now we are heading to a ballin cottage in the kincardine arear. i am going to get so down i fear the hangover that follows me.

all for a good cause though - it's fucking sunny all weekend and i ain't got shit to worry about. WOOOOOOO!!!!

ps. my mom is ok! venue's booked, photog's are booked (love you guys!), dj is booked. ain't no messin around now my friends.

have a lovely weekend. if you want to feel my vibe you should @highwaisted and take a peek into my twitter world. i'm new around those parts but so far i fit right in. ;)

one love.


I've got a hat and bat and that's not all!

I'm flexing to the Jays game tonight with a WHOLE BUNCH OF BUDDIES! can't wait. The last jays game (whoa! click on that link! i love this blog for this very reason, back in time in just a couple clicks!) I went to I think was with James and Hayley and James paid to have 'Happy Birthday Hayley' on the jumbotron. It was soooo epical. New word!

It is also where this picture first surfaced. Wow I am gorgeous.

I'm happy to report I tore apart our storage closet in our bedroom this morning (AND wasn't late for work) and found that jays tee which I will be sporting once again, and now that I look at that picture I will also be wearing that belt. Which I haven't worn since probably that last game I went to. Weeeeeird. And coincidental! I've since cut those jeans into shorts though. And my hair is way longer. And I have a new cell phone and I have no idea what purse that was.

and this is what i ate for lunch today!

from zupa's on adelaide! it was fantastic!



i would say 8 out of 10 times it's me waiting for jogee and not jogee waiting for me. i can appreciate a dude that takes his time picking out an outfit though, so i try not to bust his balls when he's taking forever. here i am waiting. but for the record i think he was ready before me this night and then when i was ready he had gotten into a very intense game of solo magic cards so i had to wait (take these photos of myself in front of my closet) until he was done so we could leave. OK! how interesting is this blog!?

then we went to Bar Italia (again) to have antipasto with Adam and Clare and Jim bob james jimmy jam jimmer. the antipasto there is pretty friggin awesome. they have a great selection of meats and also a good amount of cheeses but the olives suck. Do you guys have any antipasto reco's? we are on a mission to find the best antipasto in the city.

theeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnn we went to see LORDY LORDY at rancho relaxo. They are the nicest guys of all time. you should check them out. and totally buy them a beer and then hang out with them after their set. woo! band friends!

sidenote: hi AJ!!! send me the baseball ticket info!

Then on Sunday Jogee and I got up supes early for a sleep in day and just ripped it. did tony horton cardio x, banged out some push ups and sit ups and then just pumped the iron like you don't even know. Then over to my papa's for this ridiculous dinner:

3 day marinated flank steak. unrizzle.

time to build the family race track!

video to come. it is uploading which will essentially take 6 years.

update! here it is!