(skeesh) "sensational" that's my new word. and " it'd be a lot cooler if you did" will be my new follow-up saying. so much for "party on wayne". however, i think that one's too good to give up just yet. (NOTE: if i hear anyone (exception to jogee) use the above in any context, you are no longer my compadre.

home soon friends, i know you have been just flooding my email and facebook with "where are you's". except not, cause im over 25 and way past the whole checking on your friends everyday thing. THANKS A LOT ASSHOLES. I'm definitely bringing back the gossip chat for 2 hours on a landline after school/work party. I may even hire a "mom" to pick up the phone mid convo to tell me dinner's ready.

one special mention: courtney, got your fb message and i love you and i YES tell you're mom to invite me to the shower!



A lot of people just don't get "metal". You really should.

annnnnnnddd...... I'm going to see these guys on wednesday. I'm gonna get stupid when they play this song.

Sorry Skeesh if nobody reads your blog anymore. Whatever man, I'm learning people.


(Jogee) Went up to Bob Caygeon this weekend which was superb. Skeesh was definitely missed. Heres some pictures. I got way too wasted.

Since Skeesh missed the party we thought we'd draw her and make a "cut out Skeesh". Wish we thought of it sooner and we could have made a whole body and shit... stuff some clothes of newspaper, tape the head on and bring'r to the bar with us. Thank god we didn't.... we finally got up the energy to go to the only bar in town and when we walk in theres 5 dudes sitting there just staring at us. Needless to say we kinda had to get out of there. Said "whats up, we'll just have 3 tequila shots and the bill", downed 'em and went home. Small towns are funny. Don't hate if you think I'm knockin it, there was so many nice people around. Mikey helped some old ladies move a lawn mower. Anyways..... we're going back again.

Metal Rules!!


going where its colder there.

Im off to Winnipeg till Wednesday Friends...hopefully Jogee fills in for me, however I don't think that will happen. I will be accepting guest posts if you're interested. email them to me: highwaisted@gmail.com


met up with K and C for some annex love. everyone in the annex is old. not old like 80 or anything just older then me. and every time i go there i realize i don't go there enough. I think it's cause I get all the details and happenings when i read Raymi's blog. once I'm over my little hood maybe jogee and i will look to buy around there... brunswick street maybe. there are so many beautiful homes on that street. (K and C, is it brunswick that i was in love with?)ha that 1/2 litre of red wine was more then i bargained for.

these 2 guys, green jacket and blue shirt had me laughing uncontrollably. i wasn't even stoned or drunk yet! talk about a good buzz!

checking to see how wine stained my teeth and lips were.

im officially wearing jogee's clothes on the regular now.

jogee had to work late so i had to save extra seats and the only seats left that were all together was the front row. worked out decent until the show started and people started sneaking there way into them and then i had to be the bitchface to say like 5 mins later when they put there drink down "oh those seats are saved, sorry" but people were nice and apologized and i didnt have to get in a fist fight or anything. too bad the wine kicked in about mid show and i started buying drinks for everyone! i could see in the back of jogee's mind he was thinking " there she goes again, spending our hawaii money" siiiigh. don't worry baby, im going to get a part time job at by the way cafe and put all the money back in the jar. :)

gym time!

tattoo rock parlour mondays live band karaoke

Always count on Hannah to load pics within 24 hours. i stole some of these from Tuesday.
It was this guys bday. the dude on the left.
This is Hannah's little entourage of cute fashionable boys.
Carm's Hair always falls so delicately...
if you didnt know me how old would you think i was?
Why didn't boys look like this when I was 21? Was Johnny Depp not hot then?

I have a little bit of a girl crush on Morgan. look at her. jesus!

jack layton knows how to party


hey merkley how did that get in here?

could i feel more down and depressed right now? i think not. there are 2 things creating this melancholy moment. 1. my weekend i am overwhelmed with sadness about 2. im def getting my rag soon cause i looked at myself in the mirror today and all i saw was WHALEPIGCOW. so tonight we are going to some comedy thing to hopefully laugh our f'ing asses off. yes. party. yes. oh and when we got home last night from raptor beer party + 21 year old bday party at live music karaoke tattoo last night i uploaded all the photos to realize i fucking DELETED all the photos in the same click. they could still be on here somewhere but i can't find them. im going to steal some of Hannah's momentarily. they will be above this hella boring post.

OH MY GOD THE PEOPLE THAT LIVE IN THIS HOUSE WITH US ARE DRYING THEIR BOOTS OR A DEAD HORSE IN THE DRYER AND ALL I HEAR IS BANG CRASH BANG CRASH BANG BANG BANG BANG!!!! not helping the current mood. nast. i just got a view of my nails while typing and it is polish time again. but i have no summer polish colours. OMG what the hell am i going to do?

crap hannah hasn't put anything up yet.


hold on my brotha

found my next haircut!

Raptors Game 2

i think it's Game 2. I should know more about this. im thinking of missioning it to some sports store and buying a jersey. but all i really want is a calderone jersey. and im sure the place im thinking of will only have crap players or something...in completely unrelated post worthyness, my mommy and I went to another shower for mariska on the weekend. It was in the hamptons at Paris Hilton's friend's house. ha i joke but for real this place was exquisite. did i spell that right. I've probably never used that word before. I'm going to root for pics now. I look pretty fat and greasy in most of them...

I'll post more pics later, blogger is being a bitch right now.