the secret is out.

it's true. Raekwon kissed me. 2007. the royal york. it's shocking what you can find in my mom's photo archives on her computer. killah priest was there too.

uuugggh see what i mean about me and long hair. hideous! i was wearing a vintage cleveland brown's t shirt in these pictures. god i was cool.


model THAT bitch.

Matt was kind enough to invite me over and fulfill my dreams by using me as a model for some 'studio work' he's doing. both parties benefited i think. I learned that I'm a horrible art director/stylist though. i went in thinking i def had the skills, but Matt proved he's not only a better art director/stylist but a fucking damn good photographer. these are only my behind the scenes shots. I'll hopefully be posting the real thing by tomorrow. and then you should contact him and give him work. and if you need me to model for you well obviously im down. brap!brap!

oh and i love this video. and i love owen. photo booth. fitting.

lace bodysuits. good.


i usually

am not into chick singers. it's true. i don't know what it is or why. but i just don't feel their vibe. this girl on the other hand.....

she's got a great vibe.


doing it up.

someone did me a huge solid last week and granted me a couple spots on the g list for Apostle of Hustle on Thursday. Jogee was feelin the effects of that painting night i posted about a few days ago multiplied by a slight case of the H1N1 so i invited these cats...

i knew i was in for a good night when they met me out front of lee's with an open bottle of wine in their hands.

also bumped into this guy!

show was neat! i forgot how old those guys are. not that they're old but older. for some reason i thought they were my age. but they aren't. oh and they're a two piece now. i liked it. tons of energy. mad props.

My guests were way generous, the drinks were coming fast and free, so naturally i had to ante up and deliver on the after show festivities. and to be honest the only place i know that always has hot chicks and danceable tunes is wherever the jons are... so.... strangelove it was!

every time i tried to get some dude to take pics of me and hot chicks i ended up with pictures of our boobs. LAME. so i deleted them. but here - i stole this one from karalea. babes.

your welcome to the 3 guys that read this. lol. oooo im going to poll male/female readers. let's see what we get!

westmetroproductions woke up

and they posted this:

new park! well not really that new anymore. case dog - I think you should go there with your friends. relive 1996.

props to that stellar outfit kris . i love it from head to toe. HEAD TO TOE. make me a new banner!!!

Adamskee - are you even using that skateboard i bought you like 5 years ago? you should be.


light the candelabra

jogee had never been to casa loma before. i don't think it blew his mind or anything. i think he was hoping it would be more like this:

ya know just older and scarier and more like we're in the tudors.

but it was actually like this:

pretty neat and worth the hour or 2 that we roamed around in there for. maybe not worth the $18 admission... if it was $10 we might have felt a little better about it.

the burrito's we had before this though, man. they were intense. SHRIMP BURRITOS. i think shrimp burritos are making their way into my top 3 favorite foods. right behind watermelon and doritos. mmm dream meal. throw like 5 silver bullets in there or 3 extra large czechvar's and i would be yours forever.


watching farm animals take deuces

the royal winter fair is a good buzz. a smelly one, but a good one. Hayley and i both noted how much jim and joe would have dug this scene. jim being the true farm boy that he is and jogee always being amused by animals pooing they really missed a day of solid enjoyment. we even ate hot dogs! with sauerkraut! i would have liked to feed a goat or two but they didnt have any 25 cent machines to buy any, and let the truth be told i was scared to get H1N1. i did squish my fingers in a couple puffy sheep though. you gotta do that it feels soo weeeeird!

bringing the country to the city. i like it. i would also like to give mad props to the guy that let us in on a family pass. we all saved $4! party!