nude years

phone charging - check
hair appointment - check
attempt at getting someone to do my make up - check
outfit in mind - check
legs shaved - almost
armpits shaved - almost
nails done - almost
helping jogee finalize his threads - soon
liquor store - soon
shitty broken camera that i hate - check
stupid new years crap to wear - dollarstore visit, probably not even worth it day of ridiculousness
purse packed - negative

i HATE carrying a purse on new years. actually i hate carrying a purse always. so im going to try and manage to carry on me: cash, debit card, lip gloss, blackberry, key to the house, gum and a jizoint. ugh my thighs are going to look extra bulky.

and don't worry i have the perfect outfit planned. i'll be an ice cube all night and jogee will be cursing me for wearing heels, but damn girl shit is gonna be hot up in heeeeere or wherever i go.

now i must begin my day of eating carbs...


I slept in till 12:45 today. RIGHT ON.

steph says she doesnt want to see benjamin button... but we saw it yesterday or the day before.. i can't remember and it was UNBELIEVABLE. i loved it. especially if you're into this... (i cannot stress how important it is to CLICK TO ENLARGE).

ohmygawd...there is this montage of them moving into their own place and painting the walls and sleeping on a mattress in front of a fire and it is uh god it's just so... magical... you have to see this movie just for that part.


guess who doesn't have to work tomorrow? or the rest of the week???

this guy! so if anyone wants to hizang im down.

this is what we have been up to... minus any family christmas dinner related photos cause my mom/dad hasn't posted them yet....

this game influenced those pics.

i guess thats just the last 24 hours.

you want to know about my loot don't you?

painting by mariska - ill post pics when it's in my possession... framing needs to be done still
homemade slippers by my mumskee
an incredibly radical tray/table thing for our ottoman made by my mumskees as well
mario bros for my ds. I AM ADDICTED TO THIS GAME.
french connection gc - bought my new leather jacket with it. dont worry im sure ill be whoring pictures of that sucker on a reg chouknow?
a romance novel - haha i need to take a picture of this... that could be a whole other post.
my clinique face cream that is obviously working or i would probably look like im 45 with the lifestyle i currently live.
waxing gc - checkyeelater beav hair!
trouser socks - hahaahahahaahahaa
free weights - watch out my biceps are going to be making explosion sounds soon
bag of gummy bears - a stoner's delight!
garlic press - tasty
knives - this was a duplicate gift which i am pretty stoked about. having good knives changes everything.

and some other tings. wow you guys are spoiled, i just took some photos for good measure. oh and i saw jogee cry for the 3rd time (the first 2 times were during click) haha i just asked jogee if i can mention his crying and he said " i didnt cry, i was filled with joy." dont you just want to squeeze him? anyways my dad bought his bonus gift that was on his list. the first issue of wolverine.

it was a very magical moment. :)

oh yeah check it out. i cant wait to get to the overly descriptive make out parts.


how is this chick a model?

day 1 of the christmas festivities my lovelies. we're going out to o town to unwrap some pressies and eat thai food. hell yeah bitches! present opening 2 days before xmas whats up! if i had bucketloads of cash i would definitely go major overboard on xmas. i dont even give that im going over my budget right now actually. and im probably the poorest out of everyone.

my personal present tally to date is:

bottle of fancy red wine - already drank it.
40 of grand marnier
green apple and watermelon twists licorice
raving rabbids ds game (my boss got me this, how friggin rad is she?)

to be continued.


surfer talk

watch out dudes, facebook virus for pc users





ooooohhhh maaaaaan sooooo much snow. sooooooooooooo much.