i win!

im almost finished the second season of mad men.
it's true, if you stick it out it gets better. slow show but worth the eventual drama that ensues. i have a crush on don draper. duuuh.

book club this round is called shit. i can't remember. but elephants is in the name. and i like it! i finally like the book club book!

I had class tonight. there was a paper due. not only did i finish it on time - yay me! - i think it's very well done. i'll share my mark with you when i get it back. this may be humorous for all parties involved.

we're going away this weekend to a winter wonderland. hot chocolates, tobogganing, movies, big breakfasts, fire places, extra blankets, wine, brandy, ooooo weeeee!

i shoveled today. it's pretty fun if you shovel once or twice in a winter. anything more then that is paining. i was all set on building a snow family but that white mess wouldn't pack at all. bullshit.

my bestie got a serious camera. :D cue party music.

mm those pants look great.

god im sick of winter. 2 more months. hurry the fuck up. i can't take it anymore!

those last 2 pics courtesy of breakfast at barneys