wu tang underboob

I want that T. i never see it in a black and white.

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so yesterday after having a very solid morning and then a very very horrible afternoon, the former TNT (that's your old initials right?) texted me (might i add at the perfect moment): 'hey girl, i know its a bit of a misson but let me know if you'd like to come over for a smoke and tea tonight'.

giddy up so fully down. (originally had a dee's date with some of my favorite people of all time but it had to be resched'd for next week) hi shannon! hi julie!

grabbed a 6 pack plus a creemore, hopped on the streetcar, missed my stop cause i was jammin to some old school on my sirius satellite radio, hopped off, ended up right near bacchus roti - ordered a butter chicken roti to go - hopped in a cab with what could be the most attractive cab driver in both voice and looks (nigeria you got something real good going on) i have ever had in the t dot. engaged in a pretty prime tete a tete and blam! arrived at T's.

there was some life whining, some appetizer indulging, some puff puff give, hip hop, a photo walk down memory lane, and an impromptu manicure. SOLID.

check out my chrome nails:

we're off to a winter wonderland this weekend. i can't wait to give jimmer a snow job.