happy birthday labella!

we got down. right down.

woah. i just did a quick scroll through of the past few posts and i think this would give the outsider a pretty inaccurate perception of our daily lives. really, we just sit around all week, make succulent dinners at home, watch movies, attempt to hit the gym, buy boots that you have been salivating over for the whole winter until you walk through the mall and realize they are 50% off! omg! and go to bed by 10:30pm

we really only party like once a week.

anyways... i am going to be an aunt pretty soon. have we talked about that lately?

check that out man. there is a baby in there. so intense. i cannot wait to smell it. not like right when it comes out, but you know when it's chillin in the crib all out of this world cute like. i don't even know what it is yet. but my feelings are very much leaning toward a little girl. well right now anyways, the other day i was thinking more boy.. but you just dont know. you. just. dont. know.

oh this just reminded me of narrativenewb. are you still out there? why did you delete your blog? how is your baby???

also completely unrelated but i've been meaning to make a post about this guy for awhile.

he's just so solid ya know. solid tracks, solid vibe, solid vocabulary, solid 1 woman man, just all around solid. i can't exactly pin point when i really decided he was in my top 2 favorite artists of all time. im sure it was when i opened up the liner notes in the doggystyle cassette that case-dogg bought when we were like 9. this was also the time i think we realized we could swear all we wanted in front of our parents cause really we were just rapping with snoop. this is probably my all time favorite track...

aw man murder was the case is a close second, but then again so is gin and juice. man screw it that whole record is my all time favorite.

wait a second snoop dogg has a muh fuhhhkin show?

dogg after dark at 9pm tuesdays on MTV? i assume that's the US version of MTV right? shit i need to call rogers and add that to our cable package. immediately.

alright jogee's home, cuddle time!


steph said...

you look hooooooooooooooot in that blue dress mama!

rizabeff said...

snoop is DEAD to me after this:

nicole said...

do i spot a swap it likes its hot item in those party pics?! scarf as bracelet=bangin. nice outfit.tres chaud. another swap will soon be upon us! yipyip.

and yes. i've officially become a commenter.

highwaisted said...

finally nicole! you have popped your cherry!

Vee said...

milestones bathrooms are so bizarre... my boyfriend is a cook there and i make fun of the bathrooms all the time :P

Wazz said...

Hey Dood! I'm alive! Baby is well...6 months old almost! Blog was haxed and deleted. Blogger thinks i'm full of crap. Told me I should have back it up. Anyhoo...just trying to get the energy to get going again.

Wazz (narrativenewb)

highwaisted said...

get back on it wazz, just make it private and invite who you want to read...