tardy V day post

so jogee and i went to one of our favorite restaurants - Toba on King street. you should google that. im too lazy to link it. and had a very aphrodisiac inspired dinner. mmm nothing says 'get it on' like slippery slimy oysters. very calming chill atmosphere, amazing amazing affordable food, and fantastic service. really. every time we go there the service is impeccable. warning i am going to get really gay right about now. it was such a magical evening, staring into each other's eyes, jogee making me laugh, feeding each other desserts...so perfect.

then we went and saw Friday the 13th with Tattoo Dan and Frenchie and i had nightmares all night long.


carrie said...

tardy is a funny word. and it rhymes with party.

onehundy said...

blood and boobies! at the same time sometimes!
best movie EVER.