bad news is followed by good news right?

we got some really bad news today.

bad news always seems to happen at the worst possible time.

after a wedding - before a honeymoon. H (black dress) was right, it would have been worse if it happened before the wedding.

courtney (blue dress) blasted me with some very very solid texts and some unbelievably good old memories though.(that I had completely forgotten about. thanks marijuana!)

cut to.

i am on my way to being a somewhat educated photographer. Matt gave me a fantastic lesson. i think i learned more in the 2 hours we hung out on saturday then i have in any classroom i have ever been in. what a difference it makes when you're actually interested (in love) with the topic.

i personally think all the pics i've taken so far are pure garbage. I NEED MORE HELP MATT! why is everything so yellow? what did you do to my settings?

except for this one. this one is great. but i didnt take this one.

i need to cut all my hair off. this shit is out of control. LOOK HOW LONG IT IS.


beans said...

my plan to morph james into this is working!


Raymi Lauren said...

some british wisdom in these trying times: keep calm carry on