snap snap!

and now I will promote the photographers that I am using for my wedding.

let's begin.

Jonathan Loek.

often imitated never duplicated.
I met jon somewhere between 2001 and 2004. i am horrible with remembering years (and pretty much any kind of memory really). He is straight up solid, totally quirky, and always down for a laugh, a brew and perhaps a hip hop song or two.

you can check out his stuff here, here and here and here.

James Kachan.
passionate, mysterious, and 110% sincere.
I met James at a ketel one tasting a couple years ago. his camaraderie was unlike anyone else I had ever met. he had a wonderful vibe about him. im stoked that he will be catching these ever so special moments. :)

You can check out his stuff here and here.

Hannah Sider.
diva, fashionista, sweetest little thang in toronto.
I met Hannah mmm 4 years ago? I can't remember. but it involved a girl talk show at the phoenix and a lot of vodka. She's got that somethin somethin and im into it.

you can check out her stuff here, here and become a fan of hers here

you could say that i am smitten with all 3 of these very talented friends. can't wait to see each of their takes on SATURDAY'S EVENTS.

mmm hmm 4 more days my friends. i am not freaking out at all right now.


meredith r. mistletoe said...

holy shiiiiiiiiieeeeeet so soon! exciting!

Bodie said...

Congrats in advance, and all the best on Saturday!

Duke of Spook said...

I know both those dues, and they're both top notch

Highwaisted said...

thanks Bodie! WHO ARE YOU? email me!

hi meredith! hi glenn!