going to meet up with Matt today and have a little lesson on my new camera. I got the canon rebel! so stoked. i played around with it a bit last night. but i obviously have no idea what im doing.

so happy basketball is back. which means james and gavin and noah are back every week for some prime time pure bball chillin. top 10 things to do. bball chillin. and nina and colleen and lisa were here too! solid chicks. the laughing never stops with this crew. im pretty sure i dont have to do sit ups for a good week now. cause i do situps all day everyday. noooooot reeeeaaaaaallly.

and a big YES to the bassist in this vid. and by yes i mean yes to his hair his hat his stache his beater and his tambourine shaking.

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beans said...

omg i look so good in both of these! woo!