am i getting sick???


so i picked up a pack of coldfx last night
took the first 3 pills plus a 1000mg vitamin c
went to bed at 10pm
woke up this morning and took 3 more coldfx, b complex, vitamin c and bought a smoothie on my way to work
avoided the subway/streetcar
and im going to drink water and lemon all day
cross your fingers for me.

also picked up my dress last night. holy shit it is mindblowingly beautiful. hurry up saturday!


Duke of Spook said...

I dig your regimen. I;m the same way except I use apples and soup

Kwil said...

feel better feel better feel better! sending healthy anti-sickness vibes your way.
i can't believe it's almost the big day.

sophie said...

Drink so much liquid you pee like every 5mins... FLUSH that cold out! Sleep lots, keep up the VitC. Cant wait to see youuuuuuuuu!!

Highwaisted said...

i am flushing that baby out like WHOA!

can't wait to see you too!!!!


Lauren C. said...

it might be the stress, i was sick right before my wedding too! remember (and i speak from experience) even if EVERYTHING goes wrong at the end of the day being married to joe is all that matters! whisky helps, too. can't wait for saturday!!!!!

Lauren C. said...

oops. spelled whiskey wrong.