k duuuuuuubs


After a not coming! coming! not coming! coming! not coming! totally coming! not coming! ok we're coming slew of texts we went to kitchener to hang with hilary and paul!

and hit up the thought pop music showcase thing. Vacuity and trap tiger played. it was in a house. it was all you can drink! there were probably 150 people and everyone took off their shoes at the front door. joe and i were shocked. EVERYONE! and then someone projectile barfed over all of them midway through the night. (i was rightly paranoid and put our shoes at the back door when we got there so they weren't spewed on. I WIN!)

radical party, even more radical after party and the sound of the snow crunching under our feet while we toured around the city blew my mind (it was a great snow crunch). it was also super sparkly. snow in toronto is not sparkly.

and the pickles were PERFECT.

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