I've been craving street meat for a week and a half. on my way home i bought a pack of dogs and some white wonderbread buns. craving owned.

jim bob and joe just left me to play bball. they also left me with the pacific on the highest volume on the television. this shit is depressing but im too lazy to get up and put felicity in. yeah that's right. felicity. it's happening. oh hold on now there is a soldier throwing rocks into a blown off head of blood. why would anyone want to watch this?!

joe made me bbq chicken, sweet potatoe fries and a beet salad for dinner last night. it was perfect.

i have so much reading to do for that fashion class im taking i don't even know where to start. i also have no idea when the exams or the assignments are due. apparently nothing has changed in my approach to school.

i may or may not be on my 3rd glass of wine. they're just little glasses though.

i really really want those tumblers with the gold rim from mad men. i also want them to come with don draper.

ok time to soak.

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Kwil said...

Bahahaha. I loved this post.