mmmmmmenswear picks

My trusty GQ e-newsletter just put me into a dizzy haze of haaaaawwwwwwwt menswear.

here are a few of my favorites:

D&G - you get first place.

love the colours, love the mix of 3 piece suits with puffy jackets/vests (i didn't provide a picture for this, go search it out yourself), sneakers, the layering, the everything. love it. Joe brace yourself. this is happening. i also like coca cola. win win.

#2 Etro
ok didn't loooove this collection but i did find a couple ensembles that made it for me. plus the designers look friggin hilarious. can't you imagine smoking cigars with them and talking in an accent and eating finger foods?

#3 Moncler Gamme Bleu
Maybe it was the dogs that did it, maybe it was the butcher esque (wait is this equestrian related? i have no idea don't frown on me fashion folk - i admit i have no idea what im talking about) feel to a couple of these pieces. the cropped leather jacket? im into it.

joe always complains about how there is such limited menswear out there. why doesn't HM, F21 and Zara step up their game? do they think that only gay men like to look good?

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Raymi Lauren said...

im sorry but bro looks like a fruity dork. which is hilarious.

the coke shirt has effectively seduced me into jonesing for a f21 spree.