2 more days until i get arrested!

ha! i wish.

drunk tank maybe?

i'm gonna cross my fingers!

mom. stay up and wait for my call at 5am.

omg im so kidding.

i've been planning my outfit for a good two days now. here is the criteria:


so im obviously hitting up AA for some classic finds. too bad all the AA's i've been to only hire complete airheads and also only carry anything that i haven't seen on the internet. so i guess it's time for the next best thing. STITCHES!!

an entire outfit for 7.99!

also kidding. not about the price but that I will be buying my outfit there. actually i might not be. I'll probably check it on my way home from work tomorrow.

too bad i don't have a camera. these photos will be epic.

if any of you friggin babes are interested in coming you should email me. shit's gonna be off the chain.


Kwil said...

Ahhhh. I wish I could come. There best be pictures though. I want to see all the fun you're about to have!

beans said...

awwwwwww look at spaghetti-face!

i mean... YEAH! woo! party! slutty outfits!!! wooooot!

kay zee said...

even though i may only be participating in the hotel part of the evening, i guarantee i will dress up like a skank-whore for you.

Highwaisted said...

appreciated KZ.