asian persuasion

I can't stop eating Asian food. i crave it everyday. it is taking over my life.

took jogee to korean bbq after picking up his halloween costume which is off the hizzle so funny and good we were dieing of laughter in good will.

jogee said he would never go to korean bbq again. he said it sucked. meh to each his own i suppose. i like that it's kinda snacky and prolonged cause you're cooking and cause you get all those little dishes of beansprouts and kimchi and pickled radishes etc etc.

and i think we're gonna go to Japan for a portion of our honeymoon.



Alyson said...

If you go to Japan I will DIE of envy. DIE.

Bodie said...

Jogee is right. Korean BBQ is basically food poisoning Russian roulette. I feel like I am in "Deer Hunter" when I am eating it.